Sharon Prince Fights Against Modern-Day Slavery


Grace Farms foundation has yet again moved another milestone for humanity. Grace Farms has come into agreement with Unchain and the government of Georgia, to end modern day slavery.

The farm headed by Sharon Prince recognizes that everyone has the right to freedom. When freedom is well utilized, the country will experience drastic improvements in the next ten years. This move is among the many that will see Georgia develop sustainable, green and technological advancements.

Freedom will make the citizens work to build a partnership that will demonstrate what people can do when they are not oppressed in any way. The prime minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhatdze recognized the initiative and encourage Grace Farms to go ahead and pursue their endeavors under the government support. They will, therefore, cooperate with the Georgian and unchain government to form proper licensing mechanisms plus analyzing the existing policies to make sure that the supply chain of food between the two countries are transparent and legal.

Sharon Prince, the president of Sharon Prince Grace Farms foundation, said that development of extensive plans and collaboration that thwart human trafficking and violence regarding gender are the core of the foundation’s mission. Everyone has the right to take action against effective leadership especially the people’s governments ought to defend their citizens against such forces. The Grace Farms launched the campaign against modern day slavery. The slavery either big or small need to be combated by all means. The prime minister will help in this fight. Visit This Page for additional information.

Bottom line

The Grace Farms foundation has launched a campaign against modern-day slavery. This comes as a step after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between it and the governments of Georgia and unchain. The Georgian prime minister lauded the initiative to see their country undergo drastic changes.


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