About JD.com logistics

Richard Liu founded JD.com in 2004 after realizing that his company called Jingdong, which used to distribute magneto optical products, was growing rapidly and that there was a need of opening an online version of it. This was the decision that saw the emergence of JD.com. In order to ensure that his products were accessible to everyone in the country, Liu decided to build a national logistics system that would enable him to supply his goods all over the country. This would ensure that the goods are delivered safely and without damages at the same time being able to be accessed by everyone. This led to the creation of innovations and the transformation of the retail and e-commerce in the country for its 1 billion users. This made the company establish thousands of delivery and pick up stations in more than 1,500 Chinese counties. This acted as benchmark of other bigger companies to begin using the same way to distribute their products.