Wes Edens Shapes the Industry of Investment Management

Countless people would want to put their monetary resources in the right investment dockets in order to earn tremendous financial returns like stock dividends and additional growth to their investments. Nonetheless, a conventional person does not grasp the intricacies of delving into various investment dockets. Therefore, they turn to an individual who can provide professional assistance in making the right investment decisions.

Background Data

An astute investment manager will be aware of the financial forecasts, strategies, current investment trends, trading ideas and the philosophy of money management. Coupled with providing the investor with the opportunity to solely decide the type of investment they need, an expert in investment management will give you the peace of mind necessary to make the right decision. Such are the traits of one Wes Edens, a co-founder of the prominent Fortress Investment Group.

Leadership Roles

Wes Edens is one of America’s best investment managers, an entrepreneur, business professional and the owner of a renowned sports team. Popularly known for co-founding Fortress Investment Group, Mr Edens is also the co-owner of a national basketball association called the Milwaukee Bucks. Moreover, he is the owner of the League of Legends of FlyQuest.


As for education, Mr Edens attended the Oregon State University and earned a degree in finance and business administration.

Early Life and Career

Wes Edens first practised at the famous Lehman Brothers. Being a financial services firm, Edens was working within his line of expertise. That is why he managed to serve as a partner and a managing director up until 1993 when he quit joining BlackRock Asset as a managing director. Having worked until 1997, Wes Edens left to explore other career ventures.

Fortress Investment Group

In 1998, Wes Edens decided to work with four like-minded individuals in a project that would later shape their career. He met Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Michael Edward and Randy Nardone. As a team, they decided to form a company that would specialize in providing financial services to its clients. At that moment, Fortress Investment Group was born. Edens maintained a leadership position in which he served diligently. He has since earned recognition from the likes of the Wall Street Journal which described him as a creative investment manager whose investment style is based on a knack for building revolutionary businesses.

The First Public Buyout

As a business leader, Wes Edens ensured that Fortress Investment Group was among the principal investment management firms in America. Even so, in 2007, the partners agreed to a buyout. Therefore, as one of the co-principals, Wes Edens was trusted to lead the company through a public buyout. Consequently, Fortress Investment Group sold out 8% of its shares at $600 million. That moment marked the beginning of Fortress Investment Group’s buyout journey.

Softbank Acquires Fortress Investment Group

Under the leadership of Wes Edens, Fortress Investment Group attracted many investors including Softbank Group Corp which recently announced the completion of the acquisition deal. Apparently, the company is acquiring Fortress Investment Group because of its ability to help manage Softbank’s transformation strategy. Even with the acquisition, Wes Edens maintains his position as a co-principal. This is solely based on his skill- set and financial expertise.

Sujit Choudhry Talks Impact of White House Special Counsel

Sujit Choudhry has operated in a variety of capacities during his storied career, particularly regarding the publishing of research regarding politics and constitutional law, but today, he is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at UC Berkeley. Over the course of his career, Sujit Choudhry has visited a wide array of countries around the world, including Syria, Egypt, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Nepal, and Yemen, which, through his knowledge of constitutional law, has helped during the development of their constitutions (blogs.law.nyu.edu).  His areas of concentration generally cover areas such as federalism, constitutional courts, minority rights, and bills of rights, and he his also adept regarding the inner workings of Canadian Law.

In the upcoming piece, “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?,” Sujit Choudhry contributed a chapter contributed a chapter that discusses a recent post by Eric Holder on Twitter. Eric Holder is the former Attorney General of the United States, operating during Barack Obama’s tenure, and he recently posted about the possible dismissal of White House Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, which many fear, looms near. Should United States President Donald Trump decided to lean on his authority and fire Robert Mueller, Eric Holder believes that there will almost certainly be some type of reaction from the American public.

Due to the nature of the threat to White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s position, Eric Holder’s recent tweet can be perceived as a call to action for the American public, as he believes that this move represents a trespass of the highest order. The decision will ultimately remain in the hands of the American people as to whether an action is necessary, but, in Sujit Choudhry’s opinion, the reaction of the masses to this threat, will dictate the future. If the American people take action, utilizing the peaceful protests that Holder envisions, there will be reversal amongst recent controversial policies. The basis of Sujit Choudhry’s chapter in “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis,” is the political climate in the United States, particularly in the midst of failure regarding constitutional democracy around the world. These threats to constitutional democracy around the world are currently being called “authoritarian backsliding” or “democratic backsliding.”

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Fantastic Startup Advice by Chris Burch

According to a survey carried out by Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report, New York is the second best city for startups. The fairly competitive environment of New York City makes it easy to establish a strong foundation for a business. Finding a good venture capitalist is vital for the growth of a company in a big city. Angel investors are also important in the first stages of a business (medium.com).  Below are some critical points that can be helpful when starting a company.

When looking for investors, it is important to make things extremely easy for them to understand. This means that finer details should be avoided because most investors will not find enough time to go through them. The most appealing aspects of the business should be presented to get the attention of investors. As soon as they get interested in the business, it will be easy to give them details about the startup.

It is important to avoid disappointments and stay motivated all through. Most angel investors are hesitant when it comes to investing in startups. Most investors will disregard ideas and have doubts about the sustainability or profitability of the business. It is important to avoid wasting time on such people and work with those who take the business positively. Potential investors who may not be serious should be detected early to avoid wasting time.

In a startup, you may not have all answers to the questions asked by investors. It is okay not to have all answers. The most important thing in a situation when someone cannot answer a question is to avoid giving false information or trying hard to provide solutions. Additionally, fancy buzzwords should be avoided when selling ideas. The explanation and phrases used should be simple to avoid confusing potential investors.

Christohpher Burch is the current Chief Executive and founder of the famous Burch Creative Capital. Mr. Burch has more than 40 years experience as an active investor and a successful entrepreneur across different industries. Christopher has led to the success of several luxury brands as well as the rise of technology. The investment philosophy of Burch’s company is based on his vision and entrepreneurial values.

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National Steel Car Crosses The Border

Almost every single Canadian knows of the company called National Steel Car. Being based in the province of Ontario it has expanded to include all the provinces that make up the great country of Canada. Many generations have lived and died working for National Steel Car and turning it to the gigantic Corporation that we see today. With all of this loyalty behind it, it is no wonder that National Steel Car is over 100 years old.


The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade and recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


To celebrate this achievement of conducting business for over 100 years, chief executive officer Greg Aziz posted a ceremony to honor the entire workforce at National Steel Car. Chief executive officers of yesteryears were brought back to the company so that they could speak on the trials of the past and the victories of the future. Gregory James Aziz used this as a platform to discuss where National Steel Car would go in the future. Gregory James Aziz’s vision was for National Steel Car to continue building on its innovation and create a modular rail car that a customer could change in accordance with their personal needs.

Everybody in the company was excited about this vision when they were also a little trepidatious. Gregory James Aziz told that the only had five years to complete this project. Before now they had achieved many great things but this would be the hardest the ever had to try. However, they were up for the challenge.


They began moving toward building the modular railcar by training the people on the skills necessary to bring about this invention. This meant many workshops and seminars were hosted in order to get the team to the level it should be.

Once the training had occurred each person was given a job description which contained the specific ways they were contributing to making sure the modular railcar was a complete success. Go Here for additional information.


Once every person had the job description they needed it was time to overhaul the processes of the company. Gregory James Aziz brought in efficiency experts who completely changed and transformed the systems inside of National Steel Car. Communication became easier and authority was delegated. This allowed for people to get answers to their questions quickly and they were aware of the person they were supposed to ask.


Gregory James Aziz would step down from National Steel Car fully believing that this great company would continue conducting its business without him.


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Obsidian Energy On Right Track Again

Following the survival of several devastating setbacks that included an internal accounting scandal, crisis surrounding company debt, and a crash in the price of commodities Penn West Commodities, LTD. sought to change their image and name when becoming known to the world as Obsidian Energy LTD.

David French, the man entrusted to be the company Chief Executive Officer as it undergoes the needed transformation, explains that the Calgary based oil company only executed the name change after receiving approval from shareholders of the company. French feels that this was an important gesture in order to make it known that the company would no longer be operating as if there is no shareholder or public accountability.

The problems for Penn West began in 2014 when the company went public with the information that an accounting error had resulted in the misclassification of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of expenses. The mistake made it necessary for Penn West to provide new financial reports for a three-year period beginning 2012. Go To This Page for additional information.

A class action lawsuit was also settled with shareholders


Now Obsidian Energy has made a number of shrewd moves to restore the health of the company. Sales of assets made it possible for the company to lower their debt from a high of $3 billion to $384 million.

The company has also adopted a sleeker method of operations as the number of employees working from the company is down to 300 from a high of 1,400. The company also reports that it will now focus on four vital production areas where it once conducted business in 30 areas. The company has also reduced its production of oil by nearly 80% and now produces 28,000 barrels per day.

French says the name Obsidian was chosen to reflect the company’s ability to be sharpened and honed in a way similar to the volcanic glass that is now its namesake.

The company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


Visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsidian_Energy


Chainsmokers Suggest Future Songs will have Guest Producers

The Chainsmokers have had so many hit songs, it seems like they have been around forever. Believe it or not, it has only been 3 years since The Chainsmokers first broke into the mainstream music scene. The group is made up of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall and their hit songs consist of “Roses,” “Closer,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall recently spoke to Forbes magazine about one of their newest songs “Sick Boy.” The song is all about the cultural shift in America. The song is constructed from the perspective of individuals from all over the country and talks about the changes that have happened the the country in the past year.

“We haven’t put out a song in nine months,” Taggart said. “Sick Boy” could be The Chainsmokers way of catching up with fans. The song is much darker than the previous songs of Taggart and Pall, and this is to be expected. “The next topic is a little bit darker,” Taggart explains.

Taggart told the interviewer that the darker themes are here to stay, at least for a while. “We’re going to keep them coming,” Andrew Taggart explained. However, Taggart said that music changes so fast, it may be hard to know what to expect.

The interviewer pushed The Chainsmokers for more information concerning songs that will be coming out in the future, but Taggart and Pall were pretty secretive when it came to new information. Taggart did mention that he was able to work with some very talented producers though.

“There’s some good ones,” Alex Pall said. “It’s not worth spilling the beans yet, but they’re all great.” The Chainsmokers wouldn’t say who would be assisting them on any upcoming tracks, but if their words are to be trusted, the tracks that resulted from their collaborations are sure to be a hit.


Sujit Choudhry Opens Up About the Modern Day Political Climate

In a recent post, Sujit focuses on Eric Holder’s tweet which was published in December 2017 (works.bepress.com). Eric said that the termination of Robert Mueller could lead to peaceful demonstrations or any other related activities. According to Sujit, Mr. Eric’s post insinuates that the issue will be resolved depending on how American people respond to the firing of Mr. Mueller. Sujit says that Eric’s tweet is only based on constitutional self-enforcement. Sujit goes further to say that most people who hold an elective position tend to tamper with the constitution in their favor. However, he says that such moves are opposed by opponents who also have the same interests.

Sujit Choudhry says that failing to observe the term limit is a clear indication of democratic failure. Sujit puts such a practice together with seizing an elective position without being elected by citizens. According to him, such acts are unconstitutional and unacceptable by all means. Sujit further gives examples of unconstitutional practices such as coup de tat and impeachment of leaders in countries such as South Africa and Germany. Sujit eventually says that it is essential for courts to call monocracy by its name to ensure that the voices of U.S citizens are heard and taken into consideration.

Sujit Choudhry was born in New Delhi in the year 1970. He joined Highschool at the University of Toronto Schools. Sujit later attended Mc Gill University where he pursued biology. Sujit then joined the University of Oxford where he obtained a degree in Law. He is the professor of law at the University of California and at Berkeley School of law where he worked as a dean (blogs.law.nyu.edu). Sujit is globally recognized for comparative constitutional guidelines and politics. Mr. Sujit attended the Harvard Law School where he earned his LL.M.

More about his work visit http://constitutionaltransitions.org/director/#Choudhry

In the year 1996, he was recruited as a Law clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer who worked at the Supreme Court of Canada. It is worth noting that he was a Rhodes professor. In the year 2010, he earned the Trudeau Foundation Fellowship for his operation in post-violence constitutional guidelines. In 2011, Sujit Choudry was awarded the Practitioner of the Year Award.The South Asian Bar of Toronto awarded him the award. In the year 2015, Sujit was awarded the Trailblazer award by South Asian Bar of North and South California.

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Different Types of Trading As Pointed Out By Netpicks

When people think about trading in the Forex market, they are only thing about the act of trading. As they go further into the world, they tend to find themselves learning about all of the different types of trading. Another thing is that they learn a new language filled with jargon that they have to understand in order to make better choices. The good news is that there is one source of information that is clear on the topic. This source of information is Netpicks. This is the one site that makes sure that people are getting the information they need in order to make the right choices in Forex (analystoffinance.com).

One good thing about Netpicks is that the traders who post information keep it simple and easy to understand. When there is any terminology or jargon involved, there is effort made to clarify what is meant by the terms. This keeps it simple for the reader and also increases the trust of the person who is providing the content. This also saves a lot of time for the content provider because he does not have to answer tons of questions about what he meant by certain terms. People will make better choices at trading and the credibility will be gained by others.  More tips on netpicks.com.

Another good thing about Netpicks is that there are cities throughout the world where people can trade at anytime during the day. For one thing, when the New York markets close, they can trade in Tokyo. This is one of the best aspects of trading with Forex. They don’t have to wait until the next day in order to trade again. They can just continue trading even if they are trading after hours because of the global nature of the Forex market. This gives them more opportunities to earn money.

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Using Common Sense as a Trader According to Netpicks

One thing that Netpicks advises is that people use common sense when it comes to trading. As a matter of fact, the average trader can succeed with common sense according to Netpicks. The only thing is that a lot of people do not lose common sense when they make trades. This can be one of the reasons behind the failure of many traders (dailyforexreport.com). After all, the people that actually succeed at the markets are very few. Therefore, this could cause one to wonder why many people would not use their common sense when they are trading. It is important to look at all of the factors that can compromise common sense trading like Netpicks recommended.

Factor that could Affect Good Judgment

One factor that can compromise common sense is emotions. When people are emotional, they are less likely to be rational. This can cause them to make decisions that are not wise. As a result, they wind up causing themselves harm. Among the emotions that can cloud judgment are fear and desperation. When people are fearful and desperate, they tend to make decisions that will cause them a lot of harm. As a result, people will lose a lot of money when making trades. One thing that can cause fear and desperation is that people could be trading from hard circumstances. More on netpicks.com

One of the best ways to manage emotions is to do research. After all, knowledge is one of the best ways to bring forth common sense. Netpicks is filled with all of the information that is needed in order to bring forth common sense. When people get the knowledge they need, they can make better decisions that will actually increase the amount of money they have. They will not burn out their accounts because of their fear of losing everything and their desperation for this one trade.

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How Louis Chenevert Made A Difference At UTC

Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert got his start at General Motors. He led their Saint Therese operations as its production general manager for 14 years. He then headed to the airplane engine firm Pratt & Whitney where he eventually became president in 1999. In 2006 he promoted to this firm’s parent company, United Technologies Corporation.

He started out as a director, was eventually promoted to president and chief operating officer, and in 2008 he became the chief executive officer. In 2010 he joined the board as its chairman. He decided to retire in November 2014. However, that didn’t last long and he now advises people on their investment decisions at Goldman Sachs.

As the top executive of UTC Louis Chenevert had a lot of successes he can point to. One of these was designing a new narrow body aircraft that is used by Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier. His company then designed new Gulfstream G500 and G600. They had replaced Rolls Royce for these airplanes who had this contract for decades. Another big success he says was being the sole supplier of F135 engines which he says forever changed military propulsion.

Louis Chenevert says that when he was leading United Technologies Corporation he focused on building small and nimble teams. He empowered these teams with the tools and funding they needed to develop innovative technologies. He also gave them a wide latitude of autonomy which he thought was incredibly important. The goal was to always make sure key objectives were met in a highly efficient way.

In order to succeed at the top of this company, he said that he always followed-up on projects and fully focused on them. He was also passionate about leading this company and always felt optimistic about the success of the company. He chose to not take part in internal politics and always made sure that his executives had the resources they needed to carry out their jobs. The worst job he ever had he says is working 2nd shit at GM when he first started out. He said the people he worked with had some really great ideas but the management of this company didn’t listen to them.