Newswatch tv Making Happy Companies

Newswatch TV first begin airing in March 1990 as a monthly TV show. They initially focused on financial issues. as time went by they added more and more into their repertoire of subject matter and items. around 2011 on the technology market and new products that would be on it. they did reviews and presentation of new products to give consumers a better idea of what to buy on the market. this is a great idea because it saves time and money for consumers and Companies. not before long started working with Fortune 500 companies and his reputation to large heights.

Contour designs was a company that had recently created its next product. ergonomic workstation that was meant to create a healthy work environment for employers and employees in the US market. they needed exposure for the product to sell like they wanted it to and so they call news watch TV. they wanted to Market to online and television so Newswatch was a perfect choice. Newswatch of greed and did the product review for them. So, everything was set and once again news watch TV proved why it’s such a great option for product promotion for large and independent companies.

The Contour design campaign was an overwhelming success. Contour almost immediately saw a huge rise in their sales. the ultimate ergonomic Workstation we’re selling like they wanted it too. the product marketing manager Contour came out say how much she appreciated news watches help in making the product successful. He attributed the sale Spike directly to news watch TV. the online campaign reached over 600,000 people in the segment was seen in at least 200 US markets. 95 million household saw their product and led to the success of the campaign. news watch TV has made Contour a happy company.

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