Notable Achievements Robert Ivy Has Brought In The Architectural Field

For any institute to realize its goals in life, it needs to have competent executive leadership on board. Most institutes have not attained their objectives because they don’t have qualified and skilled executive leaders to head them. However, this hasn’t been the case with the American Institute of Architects. An announcement has been made about Robert Ivy who would be the next CEO and Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. This institute has received the Noel Polk Award and this shows its hard work in the society has been recognized. This kind of an award had not been awarded to an architect before and it has become a surprising thing.

Most of the institutes or individuals who have received such an award are those who have been devoted to some worthy special activities. This means the one awarded must have been committed to giving the art extra support, and also in performing and creating something worth the course. Robert is one of the few Mississippians who will be awarded for his undeniable devotion to the success of this architectural institute. The list of those to be honored also includes Leontyne Price–a singer, Walter Anderson–a later artist, Shelby Foote–a writer and an actor called Morgan Freeman.

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Making architecture accessible to the general public has not been an easy and possible thing especially in Mississippi. However, Robert has made this possible. The President of MIAL, Nancy LaForge confirms that it is Robert who has made this accessibility possible. This is what actually has made Robert an honoree of Noel Polk Award. Robert has not only been the AIA CEO since 2011, but he has also been a practicing architect, competent editor and a renowned author. This has seen him climb to a level of being a worthy ambassador for a great profession. Robert is a native Mississippian whose professional and personal achievement cannot be overlooked.

Robert has also served at McGraw as the Chief Editor and his performance was remarkable. The Architectural Record would not have been disseminated widely as it has done across the world without Robert’s leadership. He made it an architectural journal that has garnered various awards from all over the world. It was through Robert’s leadership that McGraw-Hills recorded explosive growth in construction and design in China. The AIA has given its footprint global through the skills and experience that Robert has. He went to Sewanee University for his Arts degree and later mastered his architecture degree at Tulane University.