Jeff Herman Dedicates His Efforts As A Lawyer Towards Helping Sexual Abuse Victims Gain Justice

Law is a very interesting field. In some instances, lawyers should be applauded for making sure that victims of various heinous acts have gained justice for crimes committed against them. Well, lawyers do not always work alone, they work as a team at times. As for teamwork, some lawyers have founded law firms that have always come in handy when handling various cases. In this article, the limelight will focus on Jeff Herman.


Background Information

Jeff Herman is famously known as the lawyer who has always stood tall in the courtroom while representing sexual abuse victims. Over the years that Jeff Herman has been handling such cases, he has not been working alone, and he has always had a team behind him always. Through Herman Law, Jeff Herman has been able to handle sexual abuse cases together with the vast pool of lawyers at the firm.

Representing sexual abuse victims has been Jeff Herman’s primary responsibility for the past two decades. Throughout this period, Jeff Herman has garnered experience that has come in handy when handling more and more sexual abuse cases. When handling such cases, Jeff Herman always uses tangible evidence that has always been of importance in such cases. As a man with the ability to carry out forensic interviews when it comes to sexual abuse cases, Jeff Herman is always able to emerge as a victor in the courtroom. Read This Article for more information.


About Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is the man behind the founding of Herman Law. Since sexual abuse cases have been more of a millennial problem, more and more victims succumb to the heinous act performed by pedophiles and the likes. To make sure that the various victims have been served the justice that they deserve, Jeff Herman formed Herman Law.

With the aid of Herman Law, Jeff Herman can work with the vast pool of lawyers serving at the firm to make sure that he can emerge victorious in all the cases that he undertakes. Over the past two decades, Jeff Herman has gained a positive reputation as the man who passionately helps sexual abuse victims. His dedication is outstanding.


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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, Making Judicial System of Brazil Stronger

If there were no concept of law in this world, there would be a lot of lawlessness, stress, chaos and high loss of mankind and living things. With the arrival of the ordinance, the legal profession was introduced, a field formed to protect and give people right they deserve. None is above the law; no one can escape from breaking law, one has to follow the law, it is to protect people, not to suppress people are the basic human concepts about the law. Brazil law as a disciple has always got a lot of attention from all over the world because the law has all the power, the lawyers are considered as lifelines, and everyone has to follow law, and take lawyer’s assistance when needed. Brazil has an insufficient justice system, making the crime rate higher and eradication of crime and injustice process slow, but Richard Tosto de Oliveria did wonders and raised the bar by making the law situation better in that country and learn more about Ricardo.

Richard Tosto was a different lawyer, unlike the lawyers of his time/era. He has mastered the art of dealing with justice where it’s needed. Unlike all the other Brazilian lawyers who did nothing to contribute to building the better judicial system for the country. He only focusses on making things better ignoring all the background noise of media criticizing and people giving negative feedback about the judicial system, he stood against the system and instead of complaining worked for its betterment, and worked harder to make a better scope for the lawyers. Today Richard is considered as well known, well-reputed entrepreneur of Brazilian law, working in a role of Partner at leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados an institution where he has been serving since 1991 and more information click here.

While working at leite, Richard has worked and changed the strategies by proposing new and better one. Through all that time, he was able to represent a lot of companies, organizations, institutes and even politicians too making him a lot more trustworthy and well reputed. As an alumnus of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University and the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, Richard experiences and knowledge didn’t go in vain and were properly used in the field of business administration and law to help more people and make the situation of law and order better. In his way, he has done all the possible things he could to light up the judicial system of Brazil and to make law easily accessible for everyone and resume him.

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Sam Tabar; An Experienced Attorney and Hedge Fund Manager

Sam Tabar is an established attorney and capital strategist based in New York City. His career in the legal practice began at the Meagher & Flom LLP where he served as an associate lawyer. Tabar counseled clients on the issues of private placement memoranda, hedge fund formation and structure, regulatory and compliance, side letters, investment management agreements, and employment law.

In 2004, Tabar joined the PMA Investment Advisors and later served as its Managing Director in addition to his role in Business Development. He then moved to Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and served as the bank’s Director and Head of Capital Strategy. Tabar decided to return to the legal field in September 2013 by joining Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP where he worked as a Senior Associate in hedge fund management.

Sam Tabar has also worked as an attorney for various law firms including Slate & Flom, Skadden, Arps, Meagher, and Schulte, Roth & Zabel. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Oxford University and a Masters of Law degree from the Columbia Law School.

The Professional Hedge Fund Manager

Tabar combines his extensive legal training with the entrepreneurship skills to provide cutting-edge hedge fund management services to his clients across the globe. He has an extraordinarily keen eye for detail that has enabled him to manage strong systems for companies in Asia and beyond. He has also held a prominent position at PMA Investment Advisors LTD, based in Hong Kong. He spearheaded the firm’s hedge management by leading a team of Asset Raising experts. The sector turned out to be one of the most lucrative revenue sources for the company.


Tabar is also an active philanthropist who has initiated various ventures aimed at transforming lives of individuals across the globe. He has recently invested heavily in a startup organization, THINX, which supports women in the Asian and African nations. Tabar is also actively engaged through social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook with millions of followers all over the world. He is fluent in many languages including English, French, and Japanese.