Eli Gershkovitch used Skills in Law To Build Dream Brewery: Steamworks

It is still commonplace for people not to think first of Canada when they think of Craft Beer. But Canada has a strong and ever-growing influence in the international beer community and it is starting to show. Canada is being put on the map gradually by putting out talented brewmasters who reinvent the making of beer, with new ales, lagers, and pilsners more popular than ever. A pioneer of this is Eli Gershkovitch.


Who is Eli Gershkovitch? He is CEO of Steamworks Brewery, but also an expert Lawyer and Pilot.He’s been recognized as a number one contender at an Open Beer Championship event to make Craft beer a household name.


Since 1995, Gershkovitch has been cooking up original brews in his historic Gastown neighborhood (TheBroTalk). During those years in the nineties, Gershkovitch’s exotic blends were not catching on, where Budweiser and Coors still ruled the beer industry. But today, many local pubs fill their facilities with millennials, always searching for the next independent brew makers newest creations.


Gershkovitch did take notice however that Europe and other countries had shifting landscapes when it came to beer and alcohol consumption. After crossing most of Europe, Gershkovitch ended up in Heidelberg, Germany, where he sampled various concoctions of Canada’s draft beer – the similarities were endless!

The culmination of European experiences helped Gershkovitz become one of Canada’s premiere brewmasters. He had opened the first steam-powered brewery in 1995 and in his native Canada, there was an extreme lack of steam breweries. Stem brewing had simply not taken off like it should, but there was also an assortment of legal complexities that prevented the establishment of such a brewery. Gershkovitch, as a lawyer, overcame those complexities and his Steamworks Brew Pub became a central hot spot in central Vancouver. He also patented his new brews.


Steamworks grew in popularity over the years, with Gershkovitch expanding his enterprise with other local businesses that would eventually carry the Steamworks brand names. In 2013, Gershkovitch’s Steamworks became a full-fledged brewery.Gershkovitch has also established the Transcontinental Restaurant, which was followed by the Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar. His central pub has grown from under 200 to 754 seats. He has a wide variety of brews for visitors to enjoy.

More at https://ca.linkedin.com/company/steamworks-brewing-co.