How Brazil’s CAOA Became A Huge Latin America Car Dealer And Manufacturer

CAOA is a car dealer and manufacturer that is located in Brazil. It was started by entrepreneur Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. He started out his professional life as a medical doctor but when he bought a car and the dealer declared bankruptcy before they could deliver it he offered to take possession of the business in exchange for his down payment. He is now this company’s chairman of the board.

As per Mix Palestras, during his time as a vehicle dealership owner, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has sold Ford, Chevy, Hyundai, Renault, and Subaru vehicles. He wasn’t able to sell imported vehicles until the law changed in 1992. One of his longest relationships with foreign car manufacturers is with South Korea’s Hyundai.

The relationship between him and Hyundai led to him building a vehicle manufacturing facility in Anápolis, Goiás. The reason he chose this location is that where it is based makes it possible to build a large supply chain that can send cars throughout Brazil and into nearby countries.

CAOA has a deep respect for the environment and wants to limit its effect on it as much as possible. In 2010, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade implemented a program at its vehicle manufacturing facility that reuses water. His company also participates in an initiative that is reforesting the Brazilian Midwest.

His plant received the “Good Doer Company” recognition which is issued by the magazine IstoÉ Dinheiro. For three consecutive years, his company earned the “Most Admired” designation that Carta Capital magazine awards.

CAOA is now the largest vehicle manufacturing and distribution conglomerate in Latin America. They are getting even bigger through a recent partnership with China’s Chery, a deal signed in 2017. They jointly launched CAOA CHERY which is a 100% Brazilian automaker. Chery offers its advanced technologies to this partnership while CAOA brings its engineering strength and extensive sales experience.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s company now sells Subaru, Hyundai, and Ford vehicles. They exclusively import a few Hyundai and Subaru brands as well. The vehicles they manufacture include Hyundai’s Tuscon, HR and HD80 trucks, and the new Tuscon SUVs.

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Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Properly Handled a Challenging Situation

Papa John’s had declining pizza sales when they were no longer the NFL’s official pizza. Major league baseball was significantly reducing their interaction with the company. In Louisville, images from the company were being removed from pizza boxes and other marketing materials. It was a difficult situation. Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie knew what was required to overcome this challenging time. He went to work to prevent any further damage and fix what damage had been done to the company.


Some bad things had been said by those representing the company. Ritchie knew the things that were said did not represent his company’s values. It was a time for the company to distance itself from what had been said. CEO Steve Ritchie Papa John’s told everyone how it is important to remember Papa John’s is not just one person. It is a company with over 119,000 corporate as well as franchise team members worldwide. They are individuals who live in the communities where their Papa John’s restaurants are located and come from all walks of life. These are people who work hard to provide their customers with the best possible pizza and service. These are individuals who are local franchise owners and operators who do many things for their community.


Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie knew it was time to change things. He had the company bring in outside experts to analyze the company’s inclusion, culture and diversity practices. Senior management was sent to visit employees as well as franchisees to get their feedback on moving forward. Ritchie wanted their actions to be transparent and for the company to be held accountable. The goal was for Papa John’s is to do better.

Apology Letter

There was an apology letter drafted and then adjusted by CEO Steve Ritchie. It was a letter designed to be direct and specifically address customer’s concerns. The letter included a direct apology as well as empathy for what had happened. Many consider the letter to have been well done.

With Steve Ritchie’s leadership, the company was able to regain its popularity. He is currently the CEO of Papa John’s. Before this, he was the company’s President starting in 2015. Ritchie was a Senior Vice President for Papa John’s from 2013 to 2015 and served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer from 2014 to 2017.

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Profile of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner and Chairman

Hussain Sajwani, the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties, is a businessman who considers success and failure part of the person he is today. He has seen the real estate sector in the Middle East boom, bust and boom again. During the bust, he never gave up, and now he is a happy billionaire. Sajwani is known for his investments in the Dubai property market. His real estate empire is now so vast that he is exploring opportunities in the European market.

Before he created DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani pursued education in business. He attended the University of Washington and graduated with degrees in Economics and Industrial Engineering. Immediately he was out of college, Sajwani was ready to venture into business. He created his first company in 1982. It was a catering company which he is still managing even today. This project did exceptionally well and gave him the clout he needed to venture more into business in the Middle East.

The construction of the Dubai property market started in 20012. Hussain Sajwani was among the first investors who took up the opportunity to set up projects. He created DAMAC Properties, and over the years transforming it into one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East. The company has projects in Abu Dhabi, Doha, Beirut, Riyadh, and London. The company has so far accomplished significant growth by developing over 17,900 homes and over 44,000 units.

The rapid growth of DAMAC Properties in less than two decades is as a result of the excellent leadership which Hussain Sajwani has accorded the company. He has a unique sense of opportunities and is always ahead of others when new opportunities show up. This company has made him one of the wealthiest Arabs in the world. He is ranked among the top 100 most influential Arabs. Sajwani has managed to turn his experience in business into corporate success by creating a company that can achieve continuity and growth at the same time.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, has interests in other fields in the financial market. He is in investing in the financial markets and injecting the profits back into the real estate business.

Victoria Doramus: Breaking the Forces That Hold You Back

Success in life comes with great determination in what you do and avoiding whatever may hinder your future goals. When you look at the life experience of people with great names like Victoria Doramus, you discover that how you begin doesn’t determine how you end. Although Victoria has become a marketing expert with incomparable skills, she couldn’t have become so if she didn’t purpose to fight alcohol and drug addiction. Overcoming such addiction is a great struggle, but one has to purpose to avoid vices that make their life dull. Her name has become a force in the marketing industry, and her immense reputation isn’t declining any soon.

Victoria is a true example of how someone who has been in a particular situation would help others get out of it. Many people today are well educated and with great career objectives. However, alcohol and drug addiction have shuttered their great dreams. Victoria has become a reliable source of strength and motivation to most hopeless people today. Many addicts don’t understand how they got into certain nasty affairs and they try to get out of this bondage in vain. Having been to a rehabilitation center in Tucson, Victoria Doramus now understands that anyone struggling with alcohol and drug addiction can give their life a fresh start and become great someday.

The reformed woman took a different path in life and considered the marketing industry a source of massive inspiration. London and New York are grateful to have Victoria as one of the prominent marketing strategists they ever had. Victoria Doramus was a student at Colorado Boulder University where she studied mass communications and journalism. She gave marketing and fashion trends a personable view and unique approach, and this has won her a prominent name. She has been a committed, creative consultant at Mindshare and Stila Cosmetic where she helped it to get high-quality visual materials and gave its creative projects a professional approach.

Victoria has also worked for Creative Artists Agency as a freelance writer and trend correspondent. Trendera will always be thankful to Victoria Doramus for the great marketing campaigns she developed for various global trends and lifestyles. She wouldn’t have achieved all this if she didn’t purpose to break the bad habit she had developed. She advises those still struggling with addiction, to be honest with themselves to make the fight easier. Knowing why you developed a bad habit helps you know how you should break it.

Is Ryan Seacrest the Most Interesting Man in the World?

Ryan Seacrest has become a highly recognizable name in households across America. Most famously known as the sharp dressed host of music competition show, American Idol, Seacrest has proven himself to be a major contender inside diverse arenas.

Seacrest is much more than a TV personality with a winning smile. Entrepreneur, production company owner, and lifestyle connoisseur round out the forty-three year old’s resumé.

Ryan Seacrest’s entrepreneurial spirit has landed him roles in a variety of media and entertainment corporations. When he’s not in the spotlight, Seacrest is focused on inspiring youth to find healing through education and entertainment. His charitable foundation, which bears his name, has opened nearly a dozen broadcast media hubs in pediatric hospitals nationwide. Seacrest’s humanitarian efforts have allowed young patients to learn about media production in a hands-on environment and meet some entertainment megastars.

Ryan Seacrest also has his own radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. The morning program has climbed to become a Top 40 national radio show.

It seems like Seacrest’s list of accomplishments is never-ending! He co-hosts and executive produces on the talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, beside Kelly Ripa. You can also see him every December 31st on ABC’s long-running New Year’s Eve special.

Offscreen, Ryan Seacrest masterminds a thriving lifestyle empire. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is the star’s menswear line, currently available at Macy’s. The line includes suits, ties, home furnishings, and sportswear. There’s also a men’s skincare line, called Polished. Seacrest partnered with world-famous dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer to create the luxury brand.

Ryan Seacrest received Emmy Award nominations for American Idol on multiple occasions. He also won an Emmy for his production work on another popular show, hosted by Food Network’s Jamie Oliver, that helps Americans revamp their diets. Most recently, he received additional nominations for Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Ryan Seacrest certainly has one colossal resumé. With so much talent spread across so many different platforms and crafts, Ryan Seacrest just might be the most interesting man in the world.

Ryan Seacrest | Twitter

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Fix Your Financial Tone: Jim Toner

Jim Toner is a set up maker, author, arrive state money related expert and agent. Countless have benefited from his exercises. The Napoleon Hill foundation has extolled him for his undertakings in the personal growth area composing. He has appeared on Fox, NBC and CNN to give just a few illustrations. A few spotlights on handy benchmarks people secure their financial chance. The territories he has expertise in are real estate essentially and creating books. He has been in arrive for a long time and besides is a radio show host and master. Jim Toner said he uses a manner that is purchaser welcoming and not over your understanding.

This approach has made him outstandingly captivating to the general populace. He is greatly unique in the liberality world. Toner as a bit of many educating social affairs and these get-togethers he is an area have long holding up records. He starts his every day at 5:20 AM to soundly prepare for his busy day rushing toward the activity of his focus. He communicates that being in the activity focus frequently has helped him stunningly in his livelihood. At whatever point he has felt as if he was in the deplete, he determines being an activity focus rat has pulled him out.

While working out he checks out webcasts or book accounts. He raises that working out and scrutinizing are two of life’s most essential parts; so taking a gander at the two gains amazing focal points. A beneficial author, he spends whatever remains of his day after the weight gym tackling his books or radio ventures. A formed arrangement for the day is something he idolizes for keeping him on attempted. Disregarding the way that Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) doesn’t believe in working every hour of the day, he takes control rests at some point or another in the midst of his timetable. To keep from destroying, he endorses this to the people who search for his suggestion. He has never been one to take after examples what is amped up for the advanced chronicle in the city. Toner confides in this is a key factor to succeeding. Communicating that everything isn’t always for everyone, aside from you can all around find a piece or two of good information that you can readily apply to your life right now. Check out Toner’s accolades here.


Steve Ritchie: A Natural Leader

In today’s world, business executives need many different skills to make their companies successful. One of these is how to communicate well with not only employees, but also customers. Whether through a speech to shareholders or the media, or an open letter to customers thanking them for years of loyalty, great communication skills can play a big part in showing others how to stay on the path to success. This has been the case with Steve Ritchie, who as the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza has taken leadership to a new level.

Having recently penned a letter to the pizza chain’s customers, Steve Ritchie demonstrated not only great communication skills, but also an in-depth knowledge of customer service and business leadership. By acknowledging the more than 120,000 team members of the company, Steve Ritchie automatically connected with the company’s customers. And along with this, he also laid out a plan for the company’s future that described several key points, all of which are crucial to the overall short-term and long-term success of the company.

According to, by bringing in outside experts to help audit the company’s culture, having senior managers hit the road to listen to the concerns and needs of employees and franchisees, and also committing to transparency and accountability, Steve Ritchie has positioned Papa John’s to stay ahead of its competitors now and in the years ahead. Knowing that by taking an active interest in learning what those who have built the company into a success need to become even better, Steve Ritchie and his executive team will be prepared to take the information they gather along the way and use it to achieve maximum results.

In the years to come, Steve Ritchie will be expected to achieve the results necessary to stay ahead of the competition. By adhering to the commitments made in his letter to customers, there is little doubt Steve Ritchie will likely obtain the results he seeks. Using his skills of natural leadership and knowledge of high-level business practices, Steve Ritchie has been praised for his efforts, and will no doubt receive more praise going forward.

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Hussain Sajwani Welcomes President Trump’s Sons To Daughter’s Wedding

The Hussain Sajwani family had a remarkable event in April of 2018; the marriage of Sajwani’s daughter Amira. Amira has been a key role player at her father’s company, DAMAC Properties in Dubai, and her wedding was celebrated in the company of many esteemed persons of the UAE including the royal family. Also in attendance at the wedding were President Donald Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric along with their families. The Trumps have had a close relationship with Hussain Sajwani that’s included many deals Donald Trump finalized before becoming president with the UAE mogul, and that includes the Trump Estates and the International Golf Club. But those are just a couple of the properties Sajwani has opened, and the rest embody a luxury and design beauty found in few other places.


Hussain Sajwani, chairman and founder of DAMAC properties, is the son of a trade shop owner from Deira who worked hard to put his son through school and got him to the University of Washington eventually. Sajwani wanted to start a business just like his father, and he first worked for a UAE oil company but got to follow his dream by starting a catering business. The money he made doing this set his ambitions even higher, and he next started buying and opening hotels. He also started trading more stocks and bought the shares of companies like Al Amana Building Supplies and Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles. But he took his real estate investing to a whole new level in 2002 when he founded DAMAC Properties.


The DAMAC owner finished his first property, Marina Terrace in 2005 and shortly after completed Park Towers. The next building he laid out the plans for was DAMAC Tower for which he formed a partnership with Versace to do the interiors. The company experienced a slowdown and cutbacks during the 2008 recession but emerged strong afterwards, and their next several properties they went to work on were AKOYA Oxygen and AYKON City. AKOYA Oxygen is a long line of units some of which have the Trump brand and others which are done by Just Cavalli. AYKON City is a major development along the Dubai Canal which has very tall buildings including the DAMAC Maison.


Hussain Sajwani has come away with many awards for both his catering and real estate accomplishments. Just recently he was named “Real Estate Legend” by Arabian Business magazine. He also has given to charities including the Red Crescent’s huda refugee program.

How Louis Chenevert Made A Difference At UTC

Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert got his start at General Motors. He led their Saint Therese operations as its production general manager for 14 years. He then headed to the airplane engine firm Pratt & Whitney where he eventually became president in 1999. In 2006 he promoted to this firm’s parent company, United Technologies Corporation.

He started out as a director, was eventually promoted to president and chief operating officer, and in 2008 he became the chief executive officer. In 2010 he joined the board as its chairman. He decided to retire in November 2014. However, that didn’t last long and he now advises people on their investment decisions at Goldman Sachs.

As the top executive of UTC Louis Chenevert had a lot of successes he can point to. One of these was designing a new narrow body aircraft that is used by Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier. His company then designed new Gulfstream G500 and G600. They had replaced Rolls Royce for these airplanes who had this contract for decades. Another big success he says was being the sole supplier of F135 engines which he says forever changed military propulsion.

Louis Chenevert says that when he was leading United Technologies Corporation he focused on building small and nimble teams. He empowered these teams with the tools and funding they needed to develop innovative technologies. He also gave them a wide latitude of autonomy which he thought was incredibly important. The goal was to always make sure key objectives were met in a highly efficient way.

In order to succeed at the top of this company, he said that he always followed-up on projects and fully focused on them. He was also passionate about leading this company and always felt optimistic about the success of the company. He chose to not take part in internal politics and always made sure that his executives had the resources they needed to carry out their jobs. The worst job he ever had he says is working 2nd shit at GM when he first started out. He said the people he worked with had some really great ideas but the management of this company didn’t listen to them.

What Tweets Did Shervin Pishevar Send Recently?

It seems that there is a lot of discussion about the tweets recently sent by Shervin Pishevar. The venture capitalist had been quiet for quite some time on Twitter, so when he recently started tweeting again, his followers were instantly intrigued.

All of the tweets sent were numbered, identifying that Shervin Pishevar planned to share more than one thought. It started at 10:19 PM on February 5. He wanted to share some thoughts on growing financial storms that he saw happening. The next one came two minutes later and the third one came out three minutes after that. In total, there were 50 tweets that spanned 21 hours. At one point he tweeted that he was going to break for dinner and continue the discussion later on.

What were the tweets?

The tweets sent by Shervin Pishevar covered a significant amount of information. Mostly, it revealed his thoughts regarding the financial market as well as the United States economy. However, he also touched on such topics as dangerous monopolies in the United States, the innovative edge being lost by Silicon Valley, as well as the speed of execution taking place around the globe. Click Here for more information.

The Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar has 91,000 followers and many chose to either like or share some of his posts. Some of these followers are bloggers of their own. It didn’t take long before millions of people were talking about the investor’s comments and how accurate they were. Dow Jones took a 500 point hit within an hour the day after his tweets came out about the market losing 6000 points in aggregate over the coming months.

One blog referred to the tweets as a “tweet storm” because of how many were sent. Shervin Pishevar could have easily created a blog post in order to share his comments. However, he chose to send out dozens of tweets instead. If the goal was for people to listen and start talking, it was effective.

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