Betsy DeVos Shows Her Willingness To Fight For The Causes She Believes In

Betsy DeVos may well be a well known education reformer, but I have also become aware of a wide range of philanthropic and good causes backed by one of the best known residents of Michigan. In my own opinion, Betsy DeVos should be admired for maintaining her integrity over a long and varied philanthropic career that has often been focused on reforming the U.S. education system; exploring the philanthropy and life story of Betsy DeVos allowed me the opportunity to see just how important Michigan remains to both she and husband Dick DeVos who share the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation charitable group (

Both the DeVos family Betsy joined when she married Dick and her own Prince family have long histories of philanthropic giving afforded them by the success both families have achieved in business throughout Michigan and the world as a whole. Born in Holland, Michigan, I was happy to discover Betsy has remained a resident of her home state and is now a resident of Grand Rapids; the mother of four is a dedicated Calvinist and has used her own fortune to back a number of business initiatives across Michigan through The Windquest Group investment company she and Dick DeVos partner in. Placing the focus on Michigan has always been an important part of the life and work of Betsy DeVos, particularly during her time as a Presidentially appointed Director of the Kennedy Center for the Arts.

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I believe the most significant gains made in the philanthropic career of Betsy DeVos have been made in the education field which has become the main cause the Calvin College graduate has undertaken as her personal project. My view of her work in education reform is that she performed a series of amazing political and philanthropic miracles in giving families across the U.S. a chance to explore school choice options for the very first time. A strong supporter of the Detroit Charter Schools project, I believe Betsy DeVos can be seen as a key figure in making sure each and every individual has the chance to start their educational career in the best possible environment. The backing Betsy has provided for a charter school in Grand Rapids, Michigan that provides an education in aviation is one of the pinnacles of her achievements, which I believe will stand for many years alongside her own West Michigan Aviation Academy. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Local Lawyer Helps Strays and Animal Shelters

Ross Abelow is working hard to help animal shelters raise the money they need to provide necessary items for the animals in the shelters. The go fund me campaign for animals is hoping to raise $5000. dollars or more to purchase things like blankets, food, and medications for sick animals. Each animal that enters a shelter needs specific care, food, and medical care. If Ross raises the money that he hopes to raise, he will earn enough money to help several shelters full of animals.

A great attorney in New York that loves working and helping out his community. Ross is involved with the stray and animal shelter fundraiser as well as other local causes. He works hard for his clients as well. Ross works with the commercial law as well as family law. He will help a family or business get the papers and contracts they need to do things legally. He graduated law school and joined a law firm in New York. He has helped many people take care of their legal needs. He is also very helpful with his own family. Ross enjoys sporting events and traveling. He likes to write and you will find some of his articles online. Check out legal news in the legal news in New York by reading topics/Newyorktimes. Learn about recent law and litigation there.

Animals are going to be better off because of the caring soul of Ross Abelow. He hopes he never has to see another animal on the street cold and hungry. He hopes that each animal in the shelters will find loving homes. Each animal needs to be spay and neutered so that they will not breed and produce more animals. This will help the pet population slow down. Hopefully, pet owners will be responsible and do the right thing. Keep the pet on a leash when walking them. Clean up behind your pet. Dispose of their waste. Make sure to help your pet become a better citizen by teaching them basic commands and by training them to behave. If an animal has some training they will respond better in public. This will cut down on the number of animals in shelters. Donations will be greatly appreciated. Each dollar that comes in for the go fund me stray benefit will go directly to help these animal shelters to help strays. Do your part by donating. Check out Ross Abelow and other lawyers on

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