Dr. Mark Holterman Pediatric Innovator and Expert on Surgery

Educator and Researcher With Busy Schedule Who Gives Back


Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric surgical expert who is also an educator and researcher (https://ideamensch.com/mark-holterman/). With a busy schedule, he also finds time to give back to the community, as he works with the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam.


Originally From Wisconsin But Attended Yale University


Dr. Holterman is originally from Wisconsin but attended Yale University and the University of Virginia for medical school with the intention of becoming a medical scientist with the National Institute of Health. He met a fellow student who convinced him to become a pediatric surgeon whom he later went on to marry.


Investment Manager Of Mariam Global Health Fund


He is also an investment manager: the fund Mariam Global Health was founded by him as a way to create healthcare investments (Interview). He is also a member of the University of Illinois College of Medicine where he is also doing research on stem cells and fighting cancer/diabetes.


Promise of Regenerative Medicine With New Therapies


Regenerative medicine is a promising field, with new therapies and technology coming out over the course of several years. He has also created a foundation aimed at creating new therapies aimed at advancing access to regenerative medicine treatments, the Hannah Sunshine Foundation.


Peer Reviewed Articles and Creator of Educational Pieces


As a researcher, he has peer-reviewed articles and created several educational pieces for immunologists. He has also toured the world on a lecture circuit, promoting his cause.


Manager of 2 Medical Practices in Illinois


Finally, Dr. Holterman manages two medical practices. Both of these are in Illinois and has a membership with the American Academy of Pediatrics/the American College of Surgeons. This combination of experiences makes Dr. Holterman a very well-rounded professional in the field of regenerative medicine and pediatrics.