Help Raise Money for Someone and Help Pay Their Bills on GoFundMe Today

GoFundMe is an online platform where anyone can create an online campaign or fundraiser to raise funds for a noble course. For instance, you could set up a fundraiser to raise money to pay hospital bills, educational expenses, funeral bills, sports team expenses and other forms of charity. With the help of GoFundMe, you can help your friends and family settle the large hospital bills or school fees straight from your phone.

How it works
• Go to GoFundMe website.
• Sign up.
• Set a goal; the amount of money you want to raise.
• Select a campaign photo.
• Explain the situation; the illness, the fees and the course for raising the money.
• Share with friends and family.

Once you’ve shared, your friends and family visit the link and make a secure online donation. The donations can be done via credit card or debit card. Every time a donation is made, you will receive an email. You can withdraw your money through the email. The person you are donating for will provide his/her banking account and will receive your money in a few days.

Fund me campaign is supporting a Crowdrise campaign to raise funds for the Nepal earthquake victims. The cause #milliondollarchallenge for Nepal victims will be used to help them raise funds for food, shelter and clothes. So far, the donations are at $ 220,010. According to the JRM ambassador program, the campaign is a challenge to the US. In the story, they indicated that they were challenged to raise money since the US only gave a 1 million dollar aid to the family and victims of Nepal.

Majeed Ekbal, the Nepal campaign leader, is a senior marketing professional and business development leader from, Chicago, Illinois. He received the title of the most viewed person on LinkedIn. He aims at helping professionals with their initiatives. He also supports underprivileged communities.

Majeed is a graduate of American University. After his graduation, he founded Expresso Inc. in the early 1990s. His company was known for its integrity, honesty and commitment that earned it recognition in the then most read newspaper; Chicago Tribune. Over the years, Ekbal’s skills have earned him positions at various companies around Chicago. However, He is very concerned with his personal project and aims to help children and victims of slavery and natural disasters all over the world. He also strives to put an end to child abuse. Find more about Majeed Ekbal on his Vimeo account.