Fabletics’ makes fun commercials for their quality athletic wear!

Everyone knows actress Kate Hudson. She is bubbly, fun, and fit. Kate has even co-founded an affordable, quality athletic wear company, Fabletics. She is leading the way in not only fashion but also in the advertising for her successful brand.

Fabletics has made a splash with their amusing and smart commercials. Kate Hudson herself appears in many of Fabletics ads, sharing her real life workout routines in various products that are available from the line. She does yoga, swims, and even boxes in the commercials to prove that not only does she own the brand, but she uses it too. The advertisements that feature Kate bring you into her world and make you feel like you are her best friend and workout partner. It is personal and helps you connect to both Kate and Fabletics on Pinterest. She will often describe her favorite new pieces or show them off in action.

Fabletics also has a cheeky side in some of its commercials. Several ads poke fun at the other athletic lines for women on facebook.com. They bring up the ridiculous pricing of some brands that want to charge you both an arm and leg for those black leggings. Fabletics also is not afraid to go there in its commercial on another brand’s very sheer product that shows more than anyone would want to share at yoga. The commercial features several bleeped out words as a woman works out in her leggings and then tries to return them. It is edgy and funny, but also very real.

Fabletics is a subscription clothing line of athletic wear. You join and take a quiz to help them decide what type and style of athletic wear you wear most. They then show you the options for your first box. Once-a-month you will get a new box of designer athletic wear to enjoy. You can cancel at any time and even skip a month if you want to. It is a flexible and fashionable option for those looking for stylish and comfortable athletic wear.

The best part of Fabletics is that it is affordable. It doesn’t charge you hundreds of dollars a box for leggings and yoga pants. They know that the working woman needs convenience and affordability in everything they do, workout clothes are no exception. Fabletics has an extensive line of everything from swimwear to outerwear. Everything comes in fashionable prints or solids depending on your personal taste. Kate even helps design many of the pieces and wears them herself.

So, don’t miss out on the best subscription athletic wear company, Fabletics. You will love the comfort, fashion, and convenience of Fabletics. Kate Hudson swears by it and so should you.