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About Securus Technologies … they aspire to serve and connect nations . They have grown all across the world . The main focus is in public safety solutions ,investigative solutions ,corrections solutions and monitoring solutions . The public safety solutions include services such as 911 computer dispatch databases. These database are across the globe and help serve millions saving millions of lives . When someone first makes a call to 911 ; it’s up to the dispatch service to help them when in great need . How this connects to the investigative solutions is due to the fact it has to go from dispatch; dispatch connects the server to the investigative giving them a pin point location to go towards. In the case of emergency this helps greatly to be able to save an individual who may be in some sort of danger. This is a very important part of the process because it saves lives ! This technology service saves millions of people’s lives. The corrections is The a server that connects the outside networks for the law enforcement to be able to accurately pick up where the location is someone is when they are in need. Last but not least the monitoring solutions for an example is something like a tether . When a person who could be a danger to society or is just in house arrest is responsible for not being allowed to leave the house. This tether is basically an accuracy search for their location . This disabled them to go anywhere that’s to far from their home . They are only allowed to go a certain distance always from home and it cannot be far. The tether helps keep track of them with its security minoring ability and makes sure that they do not leave the house. As you can see secures Technologies is making the world a better place for our protection !


Securus Technologies Providing Advanced and Innovative Inmate Communication Services and Technology

The law enforcement agencies need latest and modern investigative solutions and services to perform efficiently and keep the criminals in check, and it is what is provided by Securus Technologies. These days technology is integrated into just about every industry as it helps in providing better products and services to the end users. In the correctional world, the use of modern technology has helped the inmates to stay in contact with their loved ones in the outside world. The modern technology has also helped the inmates to educate themselves while incarcerated and improve their skills so that they can get employment when released. The use of inmate communication services also makes it easier for the inmates to stay relaxed and relieve their stress caused due to incarceration.


Securus Technologies is focused on developing new products for the correctional sphere as it is the technology that would help in carrying forward the industry. The company was launched in 1986, and over the last three decades, the company has made tremendous progress in the sector. One of the primary focuses of the company has been to develop products and services that would allow the inmates to get in touch with their relatives anytime of the day or night. In the last few years, Securus Technologies has spent millions to lower down the cost of inmate communication services and increase communication opportunities.


Securus Technologies believe that with the help of technology, the inmate communication can be more secure than it is now, which would help in increasing the communication opportunities. It would also ensure that the end users are also able to use the inmate communication services more often. Securus Technologies serves over 3,400 correctional facilities and more than a million inmates, and this figure is expected to grow rapidly in the years to come as the company plans massive expansion in the rest of the country.



Securus Technologies Dares GTL to a Technology Challenge

Securus Technologies, a prominent service provider in the fast-rising corrections market, has challenged its main competitor, GTL, to a technology bake off. In this contest, an independent technology judge will establish who has the biggest and innovative product set, the most advanced high-tech telephone-calling platform, ideal client service, and other related metrics.

Richard Smith’s comments

Securus’ CEO, Mr. Rick Smith, stated that GTL has been issuing statements claiming that its customer services and technology solutions are on the same level with those of Securus Technologies. Therefore, he wants an independent judge to carry out an intensive evaluation of product sets, ranging from customer service models and calling platforms of both companies. He said that comparing Securus’ products with those of GTL is unfair. Over the past four years, Securus has invested more than $700 million in acquiring technologies, tech companies, development of products coupled with a sophisticated Technology Center, and a reliable U.S. Customer Service Center. On the other hand, GTL has only invested a small proportion of what Securus has invested.

What makes Securus to Standout from GTL?

  • Securus Technologies boasts an extensive product set of unique services for the corrections industry.
  • Securus manages an in-house call center operated by its employees. On the contrary, GTL outsources a bigger part of its client service.
  • Securus leverages its competent field technicians to provide products and services while GTL has resulted to contracting a significant amount of its work to non-employees.
  • GTL has lost a significant number of its customers to Securus Technologies.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies continues to demonstrate its strong will to serve and connect by delivering technology solutions, including emergency response, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, monitoring products, and communication services to the corrections market. The firm has continued to attract more clients since its establishment. For instance, the company helps 1,200,000 detainees to strengthen their relationships with their loved ones and friends through communication. Over 3,450 facilities depend on products and solutions supplied by Securus to operate smoothly.

Securus Is A Great Place To Make Prison Calls

Placing prison calls is a very easy thing for people to do nowadays, and I think that it is more important for people to call in instead of just waiting for someone to get out. I have used Securus for a long time because I know that it is the best place for me to go to place video calls, and I know that it gets me through the days when I want to talk to the people I know. They are in jail because of things that they are not proud of, and it helps people to know that I am out here and actually want to talk to them.


There are a lot of people who are benefiting from what I am doing, but I also know that Securus is benefiting a lot of people because of the work that they do. It makes people get in touch with family, and it helps law enforcement be sure that they can catch people based on voice patterns. It is something that has changed my life because I get a big sense of purpose out of talking to these people about things that they need help with.


There are many people who are like me who use Securus, and I am telling other people who are trying to do the same things that I am doing. It is a community outreach that I believe in, and I think that it is very necessary because there is no other way for me to help the people that I have met. I can place the calls on Securus from my phone, or I can sit down and do them in the office. I get to talk to people who need me, and I can give them some kind of hope that life can change.


Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Class Dojo Has A Strategy For Improving Education Through The Community

Clas Dojo has a mission to change the way education is received for everyone by releasing their learning program. They hope to turn the school environment into a positive one and bring the school community closer together. So far Class Dojo has been very successful and is currently being used by thousands of classrooms in nearly two thirds of all schools within the US. Class Dojo founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, decided to create the program because while there were many educational applications out there, none of them really improve communication or come cheap.

Over time, technology has advanced enough to allow people the ability to communicate at long distances quickly and easily, and this same technology is being presented in education with Class Dojo, since it is also a communication platform. Instructors, students, and parents can all be more involved and strengthen the school communities for the better. The program can be used easily with many devices, including laptops, tablets, and of course nearly all smartphones.

Instead of the usual parent teacher conferences or sending children home with notes, teachers can now send direct messages to parents to discuss or inform. Instructors can also share photos and videos through the app with students and parents to share moments from the classroom. Parents can stay informed on school events and holidays through the app as well as check in on their child’s behavior or progress in class. This will help parents stay more active with their child’s schooling and help children become more engaged in the classroom with their parent’s encouragement.

All students can have a special avatar monster while using Class Dojo, and can also view feedback and notes from their teacher. The app requires no personal information for students or parents to join, and participating is as simple as accepting an invite from the class teacher.

With continued success, Class Dojo plans on improving their program and expanding their team as well as the company in order to make their vision a reality, to change education for the better. Since it is being used in more than 180 countries, Class Dojo is well on their way to changing the school environment around the globe.


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