How Doe Deere is Changing the Makeup World

There are a lot of people looking for new brands of makeup to try brand new looks for themselves. Unfortunately, a lot of brands out there are pretty much the same and offering the same old colors you’ve seen time and time again. If this has been a problem for you, Doe Deere has created a company that you are going to love. This company is known as Lime Crime and it has been in business for a couple of years now. There are thousands of people making use of Lime Crime for themselves.

The reason Doe Deere decided to create a company like this was due to the fact that she was tired of all of the boring colors on the market. Pinks, reds and like colors did not fascinate her anymore and she wanted to create color palettes that she knew people would love as well as herself. This is how Lime Crime was born and why a lot of people are choosing to make use of it for themselves. It might be a good option for you as well if you are looking for something new.

Make sure that when you make use of Doe Deere’s company, you are visiting the site or going to a local store that sells it as well. There are lots of people making use of Doe Deere’s company and are doing so with amazing results. The fact that Doe Deere is also passionate about cruelty-free items and ingredients means that you can feel confident in using the products for yourself and know that you are making a good decision for yourself and for anyone else who might be involved. This is the way you should go about looking for your makeup because of the work Doe Deere has put into the products.

There are lots of products and brands out there, but there is nothing quite like Lime Crime. Doe Deere has done an amazing job with the company itself and is proud to show it off to the world. This is definitely something to consider for yourself and see if this is something that you can switch to if you are looking for some brand new makeup items that you know are going to be a wonderful choice for your needs without worrying that it is going to cost you a little too much money because of the prices involved.


A Name to a Face: Doe Deere and Lime Crime


Wondering about a person who has achieved stardom is normal; their hobbies, how they got their start, their home lives, and even their favorite colors are all normal points to ponder when dreaming about knowing this person on a more personal level. Well, thankfully, some individuals lay it all out on the table for their fans and never use their fame as a means to disconnect from their followers, but to instead connect better with them. Doe Deere of the makeup company, Lime Crime, is no stranger to the world of connecting with her fans, or Unicorns as they are happily referred to as, and uses every opportunity to strengthen her bond with her mythical creatures, both near and far. Who is this Queen of Unicorns, though, and what makes her care so much?

In the Beginning…

Russian-born Deere never showed any interest in business. Growing up, her life was fairly normal, and she enjoyed typical teenage girl activities, like sleepovers with friends, drawing, and dreaming about boys. However, she also had a profound interest in music, and that passion is what she owes her contemporary success to. Upon moving to the United States when she turned eighteen, Deere wasted no time in launching her music career. Was she alone? Of course not, and her husband, Mark, accompanied her and formed their fairytale rock band shortly after.

Were They Successful?

Though they had fans and regularly played their tunes across New York, the band was simply not paying the bills, so as a side job, Deere made loli-inspired dresses that she sold on eBay under the domain name, Lime Crime. The dresses were a success, but Deere could not leave a unique appearance at a dress only, and began making her own makeup that would match her original dress designs.

Lime Crime as a Company

Unlike most companies, Lime Crime was quick to take off and begin influencing the makeup industry. Never before unique shades adorned shelves across the globe, and people who waited entirely too long for the opportunity to colorize their faces become infatuated with the company. Currently one of the most popular brands in the world, Deere’s company has over two million followers on social media, and the admiration demonstrated by fans is truly powerful. Doe Deere uses every online opportunity to encourage her Unicorns to be themselves by allowing them to upload pictures of their new looks, and that encouragement is the very reason that Lime Crime remains so victorious as a company.

Queen of Unicorns


In this article Doe Deere was interviewed about her rise to success and on what really laid the foundation of her entrepreneurship. Deere speaks on how her biggest dream was to become a musician and she made that happen after moving to New York at the age of seventeen. She also talks about how the idea of her own brand of makeup came about. Most cosmetic brands did not offer bright and unique colors. Deere may have always had a hidden knack for business as she sold wash off tattoos as a young child. Her persuasive talk was able to convince the other children that temporary tattoos was in style.

Doe Deere grew up in Russia and moved to the United States when she was seventeen. She performed in a band where she met her husband and she tells of how well they work together now because of being in the band together and playing shows. Doe Deere did not always dream of being a business person until she realized her want for variety when it came to makeup. After being able to see that other women felt the same way she did that is when she started Lime Crime, her makeup line.

Deere focuses on having the best quality makeup for her customers and therefore she tests new makeup on herself before releasing it to the public. This is something that makes Deere and her line of makeup unique because not many companies use themselves as a guinea pig for their products. Deere also shows customer appreciation by having her actual customers and social media followers model makeup and different looks for the Lime Crime Website. Doe Deere sends the message across that it is okay to be different and that every individual has a special quality in the world that no other person has. Doe Deere is a great role model for women and girls who feel that they are outcasts.

Read the interview here:

Two Million Plus Followers In Instagram, Shows People Love Lime Crime

In less that a year the company Lime Crime, a makeup company based in LA has doubled their worldwide followers on Instagram. That just goes to show that people love the company of Lime Crime. It is clear why too. This company is all about being unique and creative. These two things are seem crystal clear in the Lime Crime business model and in the CEO and Founder, Doe Deere. Doe took these creative insights that people love and added them to her company’s social media experience. On Instagram people are using Lime Crime and posting their fan photos with some amazing results. Deere has went above and beyond just pushing her makeup products which seems to be the typical norm used by cosmetic companies. Deere has created a community which is fun and engaging for the users of Instagram.

Lime Crime has so many things going in favor of their makeup users. All of their cosmetic products are cruelty free and allow the user to have freedom of expression in their use. Lime Crime and their customers are proving each and every day that cosmetics is not just a way to cover up imperfections. Lime Crime is all about personal expression and freedom. As for their social media platforms, Instagram is not the only one the company uses. Lime Crime can be found on other forms of social media too, wherever there is a Lime Crime makeup user ready to express themselves, Lime Crime is there. So, if you or someone you know is looking to take your makeup wearing to the next level, Lime Crime is the company for you.

Lime Crime has everything a makeup user could want. There are products for the lips and eyes and even bundles that go well together. With this company it is all about having a choice. There is nothing boring here. You can wear this for your nine to five job or for the after party. It’s all about the way you use it, as makeup should be. You can use the makeup and add your photo to the masses by using the hashtag #Limecrime on Twitter. You will feel happy to be part of the online community rich in Lime Crime users.