Doe Deere Believes Success Hinges on Treating People with Respect

Doe Deere is a name that has become synonymous with freedom of expression. Her passion for creativity is what led her to create one of the most successful Internet-based cosmetic companies today. As a successful young female in the world of business, Ms. Deere is often asked to speak at gatherings focused on helping women achieve their business goals. Ms. Deere is often quoted as saying she does not believe in using the old school methods for ruling over her employees, but rather prefers to treat them with the courtesy and respect they deserve.


Doe Deere’s line of cosmetics was born out of her own personal preference for color. She has always gravitated toward colors that were bright and bold. She actually began her career by creating her own line of clothing for the fashion industry. The name Lime Crime was based on her favorite color and intended to be used for her newly created fashion line. Choosing to model all of her clothes herself, Doe created her own unique makeup looks to accentuate the fashions she had designed. Little did she know it would be her extremely bold colors for makeup that would lead her to become the successful founder of an Internet-based cosmetic company.


Maintaining a Successful Company


There are several different aspects to maintaining a successful company. Ms. Deere often comments about the experiences she had with other jobs in her life, which taught her the importance of staying true to her own vision. This belief is also why she always tries out any new product ideas on herself before introducing them to her loyal fans. She is insists on keeping the standard of her cosmetic line true to what she initially intended it to represent. When making business decisions she also relies on her gut instinct as much or even more than she relies on any gathered information.


Ms. Deere has always shown her customers the same courtesy and respect she gives to her employees, vendors and business partners. The only regret she has about her company was not having a customer service department available when the product line first launched. She feels very fortunate to have a well-staffed customer service department that helps keep the lines of communication open to her customers so they remain happy.


Giving Back to the Community


Not only can Doe Deere’s philosophies on business be seen in the way she treats her employees and customers, but it can also be seen in the different ventures she chooses to become involved in. As an animal lover with three cats of her own, two of which are rescues, she is proud to support an animal rescue organization that helps rehabilitate the animals they receive.


LimeCrime Cosmetics: Changing the game, One Bold Color at a Time

LimeCrime Cosmetics, founded by Doe Deere, has placed themselves in the makeup spotlight by offering women bold bright colors that most makeup companies have stayed away from. “Doe is on a mission to prove that cosmetics do more than just conceal imperfections, but are a rare form of freedom and self-expression”. Animal-friendly and vibrant colors so bright, these vivid colors would brighten even the darkest days. Learn more:

Doe began experimenting with makeup as young as nine years old, when having a slumber party with two friends. Those early experiments brought LimeCrime into creation, which began in 2008. The name LimeCrime came about from Doe’s favorite color and her stand on breaking the rules and changing the game when it comes to thinking outside the box and creating colors no one has dared to think of. Modeling the colors herself, the colorful makeup was the staple because bright and rare colors were hard to find. The brighter and bolder the color, the better. Doe also made LimeCrime one of the first cosmetic companies to focus solely on e-commerce, selling her products online only. Although most makeup users prefer to go into an actual store to try on makeup to see if it fits their style and skin-tone, LimeCrime was the pioneer in creating a lipstick swatch where you could actually see the colors on your lips and determine if it is a good color for you before purchasing. How many times have you bought a lipstick from the store only to realize it is not a good match after all? The lipstick swatch is a game changer. Learn more:

Doe is also an avid cheerleader for other women-owned businesses and entrepreneurships, speaking on different subjects from following your dreams to your ambitions, she inspires other women to follow their dreams and often give advice through her social media accounts. As she focuses on pushing other women to their dreams, she is constantly coming up with ways to push herself and LimeCrime. Coming up with new categories in the makeup market such as the liquid-to-matte lipstick that “stays on, doesn’t crumble, and is transfer-proof” and getting the entire LimeCrime line certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, the strictest most certifier in the industry, LimeCrime and Doe are makeup forces to be reckoned with.

The “Queen of Unicorns” as she is also known for her bright and ever changing colors, Doe’s less-than-conventional foray into the cosmetic world and beauty industry and her drive to push other women into their successes will make anyone confident that their dreams can come true as well. Ever evolving and reinventing the LimeCrime brand over and over while still holding onto the main focus of creating animal-friendly, bold, and unusual colors, LimeCrime has no plans of slowing down or stopping. Although there will be people that won’t buy into the brand, or love the idea of the bright, bold colors, the LimeCrime brand, Doe, and her team are game changers and the world has taken notice. Who doesn’t like bold, bright colors?

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How Doe Deere is Changing the Makeup World

There are a lot of people looking for new brands of makeup to try brand new looks for themselves. Unfortunately, a lot of brands out there are pretty much the same and offering the same old colors you’ve seen time and time again. If this has been a problem for you, Doe Deere has created a company that you are going to love. This company is known as Lime Crime and it has been in business for a couple of years now. There are thousands of people making use of Lime Crime for themselves.

The reason Doe Deere decided to create a company like this was due to the fact that she was tired of all of the boring colors on the market. Pinks, reds and like colors did not fascinate her anymore and she wanted to create color palettes that she knew people would love as well as herself. This is how Lime Crime was born and why a lot of people are choosing to make use of it for themselves. It might be a good option for you as well if you are looking for something new.

Make sure that when you make use of Doe Deere’s company, you are visiting the site or going to a local store that sells it as well. There are lots of people making use of Doe Deere’s company and are doing so with amazing results. The fact that Doe Deere is also passionate about cruelty-free items and ingredients means that you can feel confident in using the products for yourself and know that you are making a good decision for yourself and for anyone else who might be involved. This is the way you should go about looking for your makeup because of the work Doe Deere has put into the products.

There are lots of products and brands out there, but there is nothing quite like Lime Crime. Doe Deere has done an amazing job with the company itself and is proud to show it off to the world. This is definitely something to consider for yourself and see if this is something that you can switch to if you are looking for some brand new makeup items that you know are going to be a wonderful choice for your needs without worrying that it is going to cost you a little too much money because of the prices involved.


A Name to a Face: Doe Deere and Lime Crime


Wondering about a person who has achieved stardom is normal; their hobbies, how they got their start, their home lives, and even their favorite colors are all normal points to ponder when dreaming about knowing this person on a more personal level. Well, thankfully, some individuals lay it all out on the table for their fans and never use their fame as a means to disconnect from their followers, but to instead connect better with them. Doe Deere of the makeup company, Lime Crime, is no stranger to the world of connecting with her fans, or Unicorns as they are happily referred to as, and uses every opportunity to strengthen her bond with her mythical creatures, both near and far. Who is this Queen of Unicorns, though, and what makes her care so much?

In the Beginning…

Russian-born Deere never showed any interest in business. Growing up, her life was fairly normal, and she enjoyed typical teenage girl activities, like sleepovers with friends, drawing, and dreaming about boys. However, she also had a profound interest in music, and that passion is what she owes her contemporary success to. Upon moving to the United States when she turned eighteen, Deere wasted no time in launching her music career. Was she alone? Of course not, and her husband, Mark, accompanied her and formed their fairytale rock band shortly after.

Were They Successful?

Though they had fans and regularly played their tunes across New York, the band was simply not paying the bills, so as a side job, Deere made loli-inspired dresses that she sold on eBay under the domain name, Lime Crime. The dresses were a success, but Deere could not leave a unique appearance at a dress only, and began making her own makeup that would match her original dress designs.

Lime Crime as a Company

Unlike most companies, Lime Crime was quick to take off and begin influencing the makeup industry. Never before unique shades adorned shelves across the globe, and people who waited entirely too long for the opportunity to colorize their faces become infatuated with the company. Currently one of the most popular brands in the world, Deere’s company has over two million followers on social media, and the admiration demonstrated by fans is truly powerful. Doe Deere uses every online opportunity to encourage her Unicorns to be themselves by allowing them to upload pictures of their new looks, and that encouragement is the very reason that Lime Crime remains so victorious as a company.

Doe Deere Talks Business And Beauty

Doe Deere launched her Lime Crime cosmetic line back in 2008. The Russian-born New Yorker continues to rescue women and girls who desire cosmetics that bring out their true character. Now, a young, vibrant executive, Doe Deere strives to continue creating the prettiest cruelty-free cosmetics. They’re tasteful and doesn’t just conceal what’s imperfect, but it empowers women. It liberated them in a profound way. Openly, they’ve become absolutely confident and comfortable in their own skin after using Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere designed her products to do just that based on her confession during an interview. She too had troubles finding makeup and cosmetics that really defined her sensibility of fashion. It led her to discover herself and design her own cosmetics.

Deere named her company and products “Lime Crime” because of her love for intensely vibrant colors. Particularly her favorite, which she’s branded her own. It’s always been an aspiration of hers to launch a cosmetics line. Interestingly, she didn’t anticipate this level of success. Her products have positively changed how women feel and perceive themselves. Doe has invented a dreamy collection of nail polishes, lipsticks, eye shadows and other awesome cosmetics. Initially, she started a micro business, promoting her collections through eBay before launching an eCommerce startup.

Besides managing her own empire, Deere continues to support numerous women-owned businesses. She’s become an advocate of women pursuing businesses as well. On occasion, she shares her story and rich experience as an entrepreneur at public conferences such as the Vegas-Nays Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo. In addition, she’s a celebrated mentor who continues to inspire young, aspiring business women. Doe’s Lime Crime became the cosmetics industry’s first vendor to launch an eCommerce conglomerate. She’s branded and presented her products correctly, which is the admirable quality she’s highlighted in her business model. Deere even models her own products and she’s admitted that it’s brought her cosmetics to a higher level.

Before Doe moved to the U.S. from Russia in 1999, she enjoyed a humble life. She began fashion school and wedded her American love. The couple founded a rock band which didn’t launch successfully, but Doe kept going on. Being the ambitious, business-minded entrepreneur she is, Deere launched other startups. Now, she’s become the “Unicorn Queen,” a name she took on after developing a sizeable following online. She’s since continued to entertain her audience through Instagram, her personal and other communication channels.

Lime Crime’s chief executive, Doe Deere, whose birth name is Xenia Vorotova began her business quest as a LIVE journal user. When Lime Crime launched, Deere started small, showcasing artistic makeup designs of glitters, eyeshadows, and airbrush techniques. As her project took life, she originated other crafty creations that gained her global attention. Today, the fairy-tale beauty is sharing smart business ideas with aspiring entrepreneurs.