The Inspiring MB2 Culture Defies the Old Dull and Drab

One of the vital elements of MB2 culture is having fun together as practitioners. the owners and their spouses are treated to retreats twice a year. In this year, the meeting was held in Cancun Mexico. The retreat brought together dentists from different regions: Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, New Mexico, and Texas. The dentists took a relaxation break from the usual care provision and went out golfing, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, playing volleyball, spending time on the beach, visiting spas, shopping and taking jungle beach tours. Dr. Chris revealed that the retreats are important as they help promote the dentist-to-dentist friendships. The above is important as the dentists help each other improve professionally as well as personally. Dr. Chris believes that when dentists work together, they accomplish more together than would be possible if they worked independently. Dr. Chris’s MB2 Dental has 78 affiliates and 533 workers across six states.

The culture also focuses on support, autonomy, and personal growth. MB2 helps dentists to successfully manage their practice that respect healthy balance between work and their personal life in a network of fellow dentists. Dr. Chris as well maintains a private practice and upholds a proper balance between it and the corporate structure. MB2 relieves the other practitioners from the office management duties. Services that require expertise such as accounting, finance, billing, collections, training, marketing, business development, recruitment, and training are also practiced. When the dentists are supported in micromanagement issues, they afford sufficient time in dealing with their customers. Consequently, they offer better services and are more reliable than would be possible if they micromanaged their affairs.

Dr. Chris also says that the company only hires very smart people, who challenge his knowledge and help him develop the vision further. He says that he hates to be the smartest person in the room as that robs him of his ability to grow. Dr. Chris further believes that when he collaborates with others, he easily births new ideas. He also believes that distracting himself in activities such as playing games with kids helps him develop new ideas further.

MB2 further breaks the old structure where dentistry was dull, drab and uninspiring to the practitioners. The firm brings in a youthful approach that helps the workers to be honest with other and interact freely. Profit margins are also far from the goals of the MB2 of the dental practice at MB2. The culture also allows practitioners to share about their practice helps raise the level of innovation.

Dr. Weisfogel Aims To Help With The Treatment Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can be a be a serious problem. Those with sleep apnea may be at all kinds of risks. This is something that Dr. Avi Weisfogel knows quite well. He is someone who has seen this issue in action and seen how it can affect a patient’s health. This is why he has done his best in order to make sure that all his patients can get the right kind of care for their sleep issues. As a doctor, he also knows that many such cases are often not diagnosed. They may suffer from this issue for years and may not get any help. He wants to to step in and offer them the best possible treatment so they can live healthier and easier lives.

A New Model Of Care

As a result of this research, he has come to realize just how important it is to offer treatment plans for people who need it. He is someone who cares very much and has done much in the past to offer the services they need. As a dentist, his life is all about offering care for people who may be in pain. With his help, many of his patients have been able to walk away happy and with a much better smile. His aim is to help integrate a new understanding of the problem of sleep apnea into all aspects of health care.

An Extensive Background

Dr. Weisfogel has been a practicing dentist in New Jersey for more than a decade. He is one of the area’s most loved practitioners with a long list of satisfied clients. His area clients have repeatedly chosen to vote him one of the area’s best dentists. His focus in recent years has been about offering superior client services to all who need them. His focus has also been on exploring the world of sleep apnea. He has done a great deal of research about sleep apnea in an effort to figure out how best to treat it. This is why he is so excited right now. He knows he can really help people.