Why Advance Planning Is Important: Some Reputation Crises Cannot Be Avoided

A reputation crisis hits a business hard, but if the organization is an online reputation management firm, it’s especially difficult to suffer a public relations nightmare. People assume that the reputation management firm, which in this case was Status Labs, should have been proactive and never let anything tarnish the company’s image, but, unfortunately, there was nothing Status Labs could do in this case. Controversial actions of an executive, who is no longer with Status Labs, put the company in the news, even though the person was acting outside of his role at the company.

No company can control the actions of executives while they are enjoying their free time, nevertheless, Status Labs was in an excellent position to recover their good name since they had already helped more than 1,000 clients improve their online reputation. Status Labs knew that they had to raise company morale and get more involved in the community, which the company did. Finally, Status Labs became much more vigilant regarding new hires, which is a practice that every company should adopt since a key employee’s behavior outside of work can impact a company’s stature.

Status Labs is a global reputation management firm that helps businesses and high-profile individuals regain or maintain their favorable online status. Growing rapidly, Status Labs had to relocate to a larger Manhattan office to accommodate the company’s growing team of employees after just one year in their old office. Currently, Status Labs provides reputation management, public relations and online marketing services to clients worldwide.

Status Labs president, Darius Maxwell Fisher, founded the company to help client’s enhance their online image and increase their digital footprint, so it was ironic when the Status Lab’s own reputation took a beating. Fisher, however, learned the importance of being proactive and maintaining a positive image so one employee’s mistake does not define the company. Fisher did so well at redefining Status Lab’s image that now, whenever a reputation crisis is unfolding, the media turns to Fisher for commentary as the head of a leading reputation management company. Follow them on Instagram @statuslabs to learn more about the company.

Darius Fisher Helps Everyone Who Has Been Hurt Online

People who get their online reputations bashed because of some kind of bad press need help, and they can go to someone like Darius Fisher for help. He runs Status Labs to help people who are having problems with online reputation, and he makes sure that everyone gets the help they need. He has trained the staff at Status Labs himself to offer the best service, and he knows how to quickly solve a reputation problem that someone has had.

The online reputation problems most people have can be solved with the help from positive content, and they can have anything that is false actually removed from the Internet. Doing these few things will make a big difference, and someone who needs the positive content written will get that content from the Status Labs staff. Their positive content will begin to push down the bad content until it is nearly impossible to find.

The Status Labs team is led by Darius Fisher in meetings where he explains how to remove negative content from the Internet when it is false, and their staff will move on behalf of the client to make sure something that is not true is stricken from the Internet. This is the only way to make sure that clients get the best service possible, and they will not have to go around saying that they deserve to have something removed. It comes on good authority from Darius Fisher, Status Labs and their team of workers.

Darius Fisher also believes that the content created for his clients will offer a great look for their business or person. The Status Labs teams will always be there to check on the reputation of the client, and the client can have Status Labs on retainer to handle any problems that might come up in the future. This is a much cheaper way to handle reputation problems, and it makes sure that the client is never caught off guard again. Darius Fisher and his team are there with the correct training and expertise to reverse a bad reputation and create a positive image. Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to keep up with him!

Darius Fisher Describes How To Reduce Employee Turnover

Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher knows how vital it is to retain employees that consistently go above and beyond in their efforts at his company. Employee turnover can be very costly says Fisher. Just look at some stats that say replacing a highly skilled employee can cost up to 400% of an annual salary. Even entry level employees can cost around 30-50% of annual salary to replace. High employee turnover can really cost a company and make a dent in their profits. The founder and CEO of Status Labs says he uses incentives to motivate employees to perform above expectations and also makes sure that employees are happy at his firm. The young entrepreneur shares some of his tips to retain employees below.

Fisher says he constantly offers incentives and other goodies for employees to finish projects on time. We all like to be rewarded for our hard work, and Fisher puts this belief into practice at his firm. He gives people extra vacation days, paid holiday trips and music concert tickets for completing assignments on time. This approach goes far says Fisher at Status Labs. Knowing what employees like and appreciate is important the CEO states. If people enjoy yoga, than give them a yoga class pass. This will keep the employees happy.

Another way that Fisher fights employee turnover is by giving recognition to employees that close major deals or finish projects ahead of time. “You can be sure that if an employee does something big for the firm or a client, he will be recognized for their achievement and contribution to the firm.” Fisher reiterates that we all love to be recognized for a job well done. Darius Fisher constantly does this and it really helps company morale and employee satisfaction when people are rewarded and recognized for achievements.

Darius Fisher co-founded Status Labs in 2011 alongside former partner Jordan French. Before starting Status Labs Darius Fisher worked as a political consultant and professional copy writer. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Fisher combined his talents in public relations with digital marketing to create Status Labs, now a leading online reputation management firm.

Bringing in Additional Help

Status Labs is one of the leading service providers when it comes to online reputation management. As most business is now conducted over the Internet, having a strong online reputation is a must. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds. Whether someone posts an undesirable comment on social media from the office or outside people create untrue reviews through services like Yelp, all of it can impact how a company is viewed. This is where the team at Status Labs comes into play to help out and to do whatever it can to not only remove the negative content but to also boost the presence of the company online. Now, to remain one of the top reputation management companies in the world it does need to constantly increase the services it offers. This is exactly why Status Labs has decided to bring in Mike Paul, aka “The Reputation Doctor.”

Mike Paul has worked with many of the top companies in the entire world. From United Airlines to Kraft Foods, he has worked with everyone. In fact, he has even worked with the nation of China in order to help with reputation management. Seen as the top expert in the industry, Status Labs decided to seek him out in order to improve the services the company provides to its customers. Mike now stands as an advisor to the company’s board of directors. He can guide the company towards where they should go and how they should continue to assist their customers. His company is also joining up with Status Labs in order to cross service clients. This way, clients of Status Labs can receive help from The Reputation Doctor while clients of The Reputation Doctor are also able to receive assistance from Status Labs. This makes it that much better for all parties involved.

It can prove difficult for customers to know how to handle their own online reputation. That is why Status Labs and their president, Darius Fisher, are constantly looking for ways to improve the services it provides and offer clients with the very best way to ensure everyone receives top assistance, no matter what.