Dr. Vijay Eswaran: The Master of Direct Selling Business Model

Dr. Vijay Eswaran leads a multi-business conglomerate known as QI Group of Companies. QI Group boasts a strong presence in various sectors, including financial service, retail, hospitality, direct selling, and education. Its subsidiary business unit, QNET, which was formed by the Malaysian entrepreneur back in 1998, is currently an international company. QNET operates several regional offices that have fused traditional sales method with e-commerce model.

What drove Eswaran to launch QNET?

When launching QNET, Eswaran envisioned a new type of firm that would combine the power of direct selling with universal access to the Internet. Therefore, he led a team of ambitious entrepreneurs in trying and testing multi-level marketing business model with the evolving e-commerce platform. Eswaran and his associate engaged in endless debates concerning products and services that could set their company apart. They settled on precious and numismatics metal models that took advantage of the flourishing European market strategies.

The entrepreneurial journey of Eswaran

When Eswaran began his entrepreneurial journey, everything seemed to work against him. He lacked connection, family support, and funding. The fact that Asia was experiencing a nasty economic crisis made his efforts of seeking funds from investors unfruitful. Eswaran had a firm conviction that he was destined for greatest in the entrepreneurial world. Fortunately enough, he met like-minded partners and with the steady support of his wife, Eswaran established a successful multilevel marketing business empire.

Eswaran embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the world of direct selling, a sector that goes through numerous perception challenges. He has endured a lot to steer his firm to the top 40 direct selling companies in the world. Throughout his career, Eswaran has learned to embrace his challenges. For him, both success and failure are components of his growth path.

QI Group starts a University

Eswaran is currently concentrating on expanding the Malaysian University. The University has already graduated the first batch of its student. It runs its activities out of a temporary campus headquartered in Ipoh City. QI Group’s plan is to develop a QI City, which will consist of a new permanent campus, a teaching health facility to support the University’s medical program, residential block, a shopping complex, a park, and students’ hostel blocks.