Wessex Careers Lead to More Job Fulfillment

There are millions of people across the country that feel that they are stuck in a dead end educational job that does not use their skills to the best of their ability. Often, they reach a point in their career that requires them to make a strategic change. A change to a more fulfilling job with and established research and educational institute that provides them with ample opportunity to further develop their career in a positive direction. Wessex is the perfect career choice for the individual that would like a career that offers more.

Why Select Wessex

Why select Wessex to establish a career or start a new career? Well, take a look at the institution’s history. The institute has strong ties with the scientific community, they are heavily involved with research, education, and publishing. Those that work at Wessex are in contact with a large network of International associations that are changing the world for the better.



Why ClassDojo’s Series B Round of Financing is Expected to Bolster Close Connection between Parents and Educators

For a long time, parent-teacher meetings have been the order of many schools. The meetings serve as a platform whereby parents get to learn more about the progress of their children in school. Since such meetings are usually held once in a school term or semester, ClassDojo has rendered them less effective thanks to its recent efforts.


ClassDojo recently finalized its Series B round of funding, which yielded about $21 million. The funds are aimed at financing its endeavors to boast consistent communication between parents and their children’s teachers or educators. Constant communication between parents and educators will keep parents abreast of their kids’ experiences and progress in school. This endeavor intends to ward off the typical surprises experienced by parents during the normal parent-teacher meetings.


The Series B funding included new investors such as SignalFire, GSV, Reach Capital and General Catalyst. Since its inception, the communication platform has managed to raise nearly $31 million in venture capital financing.


Hemant Taneja, the Director of General Catalyst, indicated that the needs of Class Dojo are expected to be steered by the requirements projected by parents and educators. As such, he anticipates a time when ClassDojo will be used to serves purposes like purchasing custom videos, yearbooks, and lessons to be used at home. In addition, he envisioned ClassDojo with transaction capabilities to allow parents to pay various fees to schools via their mobile phones.




ClassDojo serves as a communication platform that was created to suit education needs as well as connecting students, teachers, and parents. It acts as the easiest method for educators to encourage or empower their students as well as share their classroom or school moments with parents. As such, ClassDojo has played a critical role in reinventing the classrooms. By doing so, ClassDojo has facilitated the creation of a positive culture and happier schools and classrooms. The communication platform boasts of Class Story as one of its key features, which allows educators to post videos or photos that can be viewed by parents.


Since its formation in 2011, the San Francisco-based entity has experienced tremendous growth and is currently among the fastest growing education entities. The communication platform has gained enormous popularity in many schools, especially in the United States, whereby 2/3 schools use ClassDojo. Apart from the United States, ClassDojo has expanded into over 180 nations across the global divide. The success attained by ClassDojo is attributed to its able leadership, educators around the world as well as its team of designers and engineers.


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