Sujit Choudhry Opens Up About the Modern Day Political Climate

In a recent post, Sujit focuses on Eric Holder’s tweet which was published in December 2017 ( Eric said that the termination of Robert Mueller could lead to peaceful demonstrations or any other related activities. According to Sujit, Mr. Eric’s post insinuates that the issue will be resolved depending on how American people respond to the firing of Mr. Mueller. Sujit says that Eric’s tweet is only based on constitutional self-enforcement. Sujit goes further to say that most people who hold an elective position tend to tamper with the constitution in their favor. However, he says that such moves are opposed by opponents who also have the same interests.

Sujit Choudhry says that failing to observe the term limit is a clear indication of democratic failure. Sujit puts such a practice together with seizing an elective position without being elected by citizens. According to him, such acts are unconstitutional and unacceptable by all means. Sujit further gives examples of unconstitutional practices such as coup de tat and impeachment of leaders in countries such as South Africa and Germany. Sujit eventually says that it is essential for courts to call monocracy by its name to ensure that the voices of U.S citizens are heard and taken into consideration.

Sujit Choudhry was born in New Delhi in the year 1970. He joined Highschool at the University of Toronto Schools. Sujit later attended Mc Gill University where he pursued biology. Sujit then joined the University of Oxford where he obtained a degree in Law. He is the professor of law at the University of California and at Berkeley School of law where he worked as a dean ( Sujit is globally recognized for comparative constitutional guidelines and politics. Mr. Sujit attended the Harvard Law School where he earned his LL.M.

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In the year 1996, he was recruited as a Law clerk to Chief Justice Antonio Lamer who worked at the Supreme Court of Canada. It is worth noting that he was a Rhodes professor. In the year 2010, he earned the Trudeau Foundation Fellowship for his operation in post-violence constitutional guidelines. In 2011, Sujit Choudry was awarded the Practitioner of the Year Award.The South Asian Bar of Toronto awarded him the award. In the year 2015, Sujit was awarded the Trailblazer award by South Asian Bar of North and South California.

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