Doe Deere’s Secret Guide to Breaking Fashion Rules

Doe Deere is the very popular CEO at Lime Crime cosmetics. Her popularity continues to grow because of her very unique style and vibrant cosmetic line. Deere is one beauty, genius that does not go by the rules. She has her own unique way to express herself with makeup. This rule breaker also believes that you should definitely know the rules before following your own path. This applies to makeup and fashions. This self titled unicorn queen proves that steering off the traditional path makes good sense. Doe Deere firmly believes that finding your own style guides you to finding your own creative path.

Doe Deere Believes Breaking The Rules Is Easy
It appears that Doe Deere had been a rule breaker for a long time. This habit breaking rule is actually a great way to define her personal style and makeup line. The rule breakers are actually very easy to follow. Of course, it helps to know the traditional fashion rules before taking your own path. For example, traditional makeup rules suggest one should never wear a bold eye and bold lips. However, Deere believes that it is fun to go wild with colors. Create bold red lips with ruby red eye shadow. She suggests having fun and experimenting. Another fashion or makeup rule suggest that one should never mix a variety of colors. However, Doe Deere believes that mixing colors is fun. Just make sure that the colors coordinate with your accessories and clothing. Another rule that she loves breaking is about mixing patterns. Doe Deere states firmly that patterns are fun. Simply keep them within the same color family. Clearly, Doe Deere believes in finding your own style through non-traditional methods.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a non-traditional cosmetic company that believes in breaking traditional makeup rules. The colors in the makeup line are truly whimsical, wild, and vibrant. Doe Deere’s personal style is clearly very vibrant from the pastel colored hair on her head to the open toe sandals with socks on her feet.

Her Lime Crime Makeup line was developed back in 2008. The line is filled with whimsical colors that are fabulously wild. The cosmetic line is also animal cruelty free. She is very proud of that fact. This is one successful woman that started with an idea and a dream. She made the dream come true. Now, she supports other women entrepreneurs looking to establish their own business.