The Origin of Freedom Checks

Freedom checks can be defined as a means of cash payment payable to all stakeholders of a partnership that publicly trades its shares in accordance with statute 26 of the U.S. Cash payment via the use of freedom checks was discovered by Matt Badiali. He was working for a renowned financial expert in a project that greatly exposed him globally. He met and interacted with the world leading CEOs of various companies in the Oil and Mining Industry. This exposed him to the world latest technological innovations and trends.Even though freedom checks sound like a government program, it is privately operated by various companies. The existence of this tax free business opportunity is based on a federal law that makes it possible for businesses in the energy industry to send their monthly checks to their stakeholders.

These businesses are called Master limited partnerships. They play a vital role in the energy industry. Master Limited Partnerships are involved in activities such as running oil refineries and transporting fuel through pipelines. For these firms to qualify for tax exemption they must forward 90 cents of every dollar they earn to the stakeholders.Freedom checks are similar to dividends through a majority of the MLPs call them distributions. Stakeholders can receive more than $160000 in every quarter of the year compared to traditional shares that generate low returns. These impressive investment returns by these freedom checks have drawn special attention by Reuters and Motley Fool.

The fact that MLPs are exempted from federal income tax gives the Americans an incentive to inject more capital in the energy sector. However, stakeholders are subjected to a small capital gains tax once they sell their shares. The government deemed it necessary to exempt MLPs from paying taxes so as to affirm US independence through energy production. Consequently, a law that benefited those who invested in the energy sector was formulated.The concept of Freedom check also revolves around several complimentary opportunities. For example, Real Estate Investment Trusts provide another alternative for tax exemption and a huge chunk of their income goes to the investors. Therefore numerous Real Estate Investment Trusts are gaining money from rental properties that they own.

Madison Street Capital: A Bridge for Company Transactions

Business people and entrepreneurs in the United States are in a constant battle to become the most successful. Some of the strategies that they develop involve the acquisition of a smaller firm, while some engage in a merger that makes their presence and influence stronger. In between these transactions, there should be an unbiased middle person that would look after both sides, making sure that the deal is fair. Madison Street Capital, a global investment and financial firm, is known for their reputation in the world of business as one of the most effective bridges when sealing corporate deals and contracts. The Madison Street Capital reputation was built for years, and the company carefully created their positive projection in the world of business.



Madison Street Capital started as a small financial firm that ensures smaller businesses that they could succeed if they are willing to work with them. Madison Street Capital’s founders worked hard to ensure that their clients would receive a good deal from the business transactions that they involved themselves into. In a short period, the company was able to attract more investors and business people around the world, contributing to their growth. As the company realized that they could also sell themselves as a reputation advisory firm, they decided to offer acquisition and merger services to companies that developed an interest with small and medium-sized business.



The company is meticulous when it comes to assisting. They wanted to find out the truth first, and they are trying to investigate the background information about the companies that are trying to avail of their services. Once the Madison Street Capital establishes the fact that someone is a legitimate client, they will go ahead and help them in any ways possible. One of the most recent instances of Madison Street Capital stepping up would be the acquisition of RMG Networks, which will be under the control of the Sachs Capital Group. The latter revealed that the position of RMG Networks as one of the top places to go for tech items and devices made it attractive to larger firms, and the Sachs Capital Group stated that the company would be under a right path if RMG Networks will be joining them.



After advising both parties, Madison Street Capital witnessed how the two companies decided to come into an agreement. RMG Networks and the Sachs Capital Group stated that they would continue cooperating to ensure the growth of the market.


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Michael Burwell Finance Experience

Michael Burwell is the newest member of the board at Willis Towers Watson. Burwell’s new position will allow him to serve as the Chief Financial Officer at the advisory. Willis Towers Watson is an advisory solutions company. As Burwell joins the team, they are glad because he has the experience and skill to make sure that the company is on the right path financially. Burwell has worked in finance for 31 years. Michael Burwell has skills in various professional roles that will allow him to serve adequately. He will be able to communicate and do business with other institutions in a professional way.


Before joining the Willis Towers Watson team, Michael Burwell developed skills and knowledge at other institutions serving in their finance department. Burwell served are other companies in high positions such as Chief Financial and Chief Operating Officer. Although he is at a new company now, he has served in the position of Chief Financial Officer at other companies. In addition to his work in various companies, he is a CPA. He has knowledge and education to help run companies.


Michael Burwell received his Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan. He has used his business degree to help expand and develop every company that he has had the opportunity to be a part of over the years. Michael Burwell has been able to work in various capacities because he is always learning something new to make sure that nothing is slipping past him.


He takes the time to make sure that he is up to date or at least has an understanding of the new technology and information that is steadily being made available. The tools that are available now can help companies grow if the data is utilized. He makes sure that he uses the information that is made available. Using the information and systems that are being made available allows for Burwell to do his job more efficiently and beneficially rather than staying behind and continuing to do things the old way. He realizes that he needs technology to make progress in his field. Read This Article for additional information.


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