What Does Equities First Holdings Limited First Specialize in?

Equities First Limited is an advisory & investment, private company situated in London, United Kingdom. The organization spends most of its time in offering financial solutions to its customers through loans. The company manages this through financing of investments belonging to customers using stock as security; something that is uncommon with many banks. Equities First Holdings clients entail businesses and individual investors who are interested private financing and business.

As of late, diminished alternatives, strict terms, and high-financing costs on advances in banks have made it hard for most investors to come up with enough capital. There has been a necessity for option financing wellsprings to fill this hole, and Equities First Holdings has provided the solution for this test. What’s more, stock investors who cannot qualify for bank loans or from other financial bodies get an alternative source from Equities First.

The procedure of applying for loan at Equities First Holdings is simple and efficient and entails:

  • Contacting the organization: The borrower indicates the amount and collateral they want.
  • Evaluation process: According to the information given, the company determines on your advance terms and sets the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio.
  • Terms agreement & transfer: The collateral or security is shifted to the custodian account of Equities First when the borrower agrees with the terms.
  • Funding: Both the collateral and loan are moved instantly into the holding account.
  • Collateral Return: After paying the full loan, the collateral is taken back to borrowers account.

Equities First utilizes equities as securities for a maximum of three years. On the off chance that one feels that the invested stock will appreciate, he can go into an agreement with the organization. The individual utilizes shares as security to offer loans rather than selling and losing proprietorship. In the event that the shares appreciate, investors enjoy minimized interest rates on future applications.

How Richard Blair Has Impacted the Growth of Businesses and Wealth Management

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Note that temporary renters can damage your house in a manner that your insurance agency may not to cover. The eventuality of such a step may be landing into legal and financial problems that were not foreseen. Below are issues you should consider to make the right decision for renting to Airbnb.

Having tenants comes with many risks and responsibilities. Accepting tenants to your property automatically assigns you the liability of ensuring any injuries sustained by guests, damage done to your neighbor and illegal deals are all your responsibility. Some tenants may also decide not to pay during some months and this could make it challenging for you to plan for improvement or to make the best of your investment.

Insurance coverage
Most insurance policies do not accept short-term rentals, so this becomes your personal responsibility to ensure all expenses that are incurred by guests are catered for. You may have to consider getting protection from Airbnb if the resources you have are exhausted and the options available are not the best way you can protect your property.

Airbnb protection
Airbnb offers protection but their terms allow you to go for it as a secondary option when all the other sources are exhausted. Looking at the above issues should shine some light to allow you make a decision on whether accepting short-term guests is a viable idea. During this process, it is advisable to get in touch with a wealth investment manager like Richard Blair for advice.

About Richard Blair Wealth Solutions
Richard Blair is an established financial adviser and a Tax Specialist with over 20 years of experience working in the financial services industry. He founded Wealth Solutions, which has been providing advice on retirement planning, wealth management and investment strategies that are customized to fit the needs of specific individuals.

Based in Austin, Texas, Richard Blair has been helping families, affluent people and business owners to make decisions. He is a graduate from University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Through Wealth Solutions, Blair has helped many people accomplish their financial and personal goals and his advice has been useful in elevating businesses in various industries.