Peter Briger The Pillar of Strength of Fortress Investment Group

Investing in the right investing tool in today’s date can be tricky as it is not easy to pick the right investment vehicle for long-term growth. The number of options available in the market is too many, and it can be difficult to comprehend on what to invest. The problem about on what to invest is not only with the individuals but also with the organizations. The organizations, with millions in revenue and different asset classes to manage, find it hard to figure on what to invest and what to avoid. Making generous profit is always the primary aim, but it is also essential to minimize risk in doing so. In order to ensure that the risk-adjusted investment is made and monitored for performance, most of the organizations hire investment management firm. One of the investment management firms that have been doing considerably well even in the competitive financial market is Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group was established in the year 1998 as a private equity firm by the managing directors of USB, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffmann and former partner at the famous Blackrock Financial Management, Wesley Edens. The current Principal and Co-Chairman of Board of Directors at the company is Peter Briger. The collective experience of these top management and investment experts helped Fortress Investment Group to climb the ladder of success in the financial world pretty quickly. Not only did Fortress Investment Group managed to find some of the biggest clients in the financial world, but also ensured that the clients of the company get the results they are looking for. The exemplary performance of the products offered by Fortress Investment Group continued to attract more clients, and it helped in the revenue generation of the company.

Peter Briger is an alumnus of the prestigious Princeton University. He also holds an MBA certificate from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he was a partner at Goldman Sachs where he was responsible for its operations in different business areas. He has worked for a few other top financial companies for years, and it is this experience that has helped him secure a place in Fortress Investment Group. He is also involved in a lot of great philanthropic work that benefits the society. He is part of the council of the Global Fund for Children. Apart from that, he holds a position in the Council on Foreign Relations that help promote a better understanding of foreign policies in ordinary people.

Oren Frank’s Talkspace

Magellan Health, one of the largest insurance providers in America, recently signed a deal with Talkspace, meaning that the platform may soon be accessible by anyone with a Magellan Health insurance plan.

Talkspace is an innovative therapy app, founded by former health care professional Oren Frank in 2012. By late 2017 Talkspace had over 500,000 users and employed over 1000 professional mental health care providers.

Talkspace brings therapists directly to users either through daily text messages or through half-hour long video chat sessions. This allows people living in remote areas or people who are too busy to visit a therapist regularly, to access mental health care that would otherwise be impossible for them to receive. Furthermore, by being available to anyone, Talkspace is reducing the stigma associated with therapy.

When asked to prove the efficacy of online therapy, Frank referenced a study of about 90,000 veterans. The veterans received access to mental health care in an online setting, and as a result, the number of incidents and hospitalization caused by mental health issues was reduced by 25 percent.

While Oren Frank has said that there are some drawbacks associated with online therapy, his team is working hard to overcome them. Therapists employed by Talkspace are being trained to convey the empathy and warmth required for therapy to work through text message and short video sessions. These efforts are paying off and Talkspace is allowing therapy to be accessed by anyone.