NetPicks – Educating Traders

What is NetPicks?

NetPicks started in 1996, the company believes in educating online traders in becoming a success in the market. The company is housed in Irving, Texas and is spearheaded by Mark Soberman and his real trading professional staff. NetPicks has over 25 years of combined experience with training and educating financial traders. NetPicks is very passionate about educating and helping individuals succeed in trading (

Along with the staff, NetPicks has online trading informational tools to assist newcomers as well as seasoned traders. Here online users can utilize the training tools to become a full-time or part-time income trader. Simply choose your course and the system does the rest for you. The training is set up so that it is simple, easy, and completed in as little time as possible. NetPicks staff is always available to assist with any questions or needs at any time.

The Big Picture

Since 1996 NetPicks has always kept an eye on FX trading (Forex Trading); which allows traders to invest and move currencies on a decentralized foreign exchange market. The Forex trading style is based on the fluctuation of how prices can go up or down. Traders can trade via electronically in worldwide major cities online.

NetPicks offers traders assistance with online visual products and other service. Because the system is worldwide, traders have the ability to trade 24 hours a day in multiple cities across the world.  Check  By using currency pairs, traders can trade in any city when the markets are closed in another (ex. Trade in Tokyo when the market is closed in Sydney). In addition; traders can utilize spot trading (making trades on the spot), forward market trading, and future market trading.

NetPicks has noticed a big trend; that many traders like trading in currency pairs because Forex offers an extreme liquidity and on any day can exchange in billions. Because of this liquidity; price changes happen quickly, which opens the door to financial opportunities for traders. As always NetPicks advises traders to always weigh the risk factors when working with currency pairs.