The Hottest Mysterious Novel in Town: “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Leaving many scratching their heads and probably their mouths wide open in disbelief of the unveiling flow of the story which is full of surprising truths, the newly released novel by Sean Penn is worth reading in this millennial generation we are in. The audio version of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” had been released in 2016 but Penn was not willing to disclose that he is writing down the book because he said that the book was the work of a guy in Florida. However, Penn has broken the ice by releasing this incredible novel that is all over.

Bob Honey is a guy from California who is 56 years old is somewhat fed up with the mediocrity and insanity going on in the country and basically in modern days. He is a professional entrepreneur, a delusional homebody and/or a contract assassin who kills elderly people using his mallet. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” presents Bob sitting at his sofa thinking of his past success, failures and the current situation of his nation which he basically calls it a shopping mall with a flag. He also thinks about his divorced wife who is married to their divorce lawyer and he goes ahead to think of his previous driving escapades.

Bob Honey sometimes becomes social by carrying out an order of bringing down elderly citizens who “stand in the way” of globalization and marketing. In every move of Bob whether good or bad or no matter how compassionate it may seem, he is always thinking of the next stuff to do. As the book unveils, Bob becomes suspicious about an employer, who Penn never named, and he thinks he deserves one of his mallets on the head but he decides to drive to Miami to search for more information about him.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” rotates to another angle after Bob hears some news about the 2016 election while driving to Miami. The news makes enrages him and wonder why American could not elect the female candidate. He wonders why the Americans have become too arrogant and unqualified in their elections. He refers to Donald Trump as not just a president who needs to be impeached but intervened. He says the nation needs an assassin.