Investigating a Longer Life With Elysium Health

People have been interested in the reasons of aging. It is a natural process that happens in every living thing, but researchers and scientists want to try and extend human life. The idea of possibly achieving it with something like supplements seemed impossible till now. It never stopped curious minds from wandering and talented researchers to work on this plan but for a long time, it was just an idea. However, some people believe it more than others, and this is where Elysium Health comes in.

Elysium Health is a company that wants to see if there is a possibility to help people prolong their lives using vitamins that could eventually be bought over the counter. The supplement market is quite dense, but most supplements don’t offer much regarding health benefits they could provide. There are so many different ones that, labeled ecological, do not contain anything close to the ingredients listed on the packaging. Elysium Health wants to prove the market wrong by creating a new supplement. The team behind the supplement pride their work because there are no additives not listed on the packaging and they usually work taking the highest priority safety precautions as well.

At the moment the company is working on the increased health of cells. Studies on flora and fauna allowed them to see how cells change over time. One of the theories is that helping cells be healthier and live longer would also prolong the life of the entire organism. Elysium Health created Basis, their first product which contains NAD. It helps cells release energy, and the company is currently interested in extensive testing on humans to see how it would affect cells in people.

Research shows that mice in laboratories live longer if they are fed less. The theory is that their cells just don’t wear themselves out quite as quickly and it does to the activity of their functions such as energy release from glucose the mice consume. At the moment there are no guarantees that this is the ultimate fountain of life. However, since there are no dangerous additives in the supplement, they want to start offering trials to people who are interested. The biological compounds and antioxidants included in the product have been safety tested and are approved under rules and regulations governing such products and their licensing.

The company is also acutely aware of the different scam artists out there, and they are putting security measures in place ensure that the only way to buy their new product is through the company’s website. There will be a non-subscription price for a thirty day supply as well as a lower price for an active subscription from month to month.

It should be mentioned that this is a supplement that cannot replace a fully balanced meal and healthy lifestyle choices.


Nobilis’ Healthcare Leads In Improvements For Patients and Investors

With a focus on high ethical standards, various healthcare companies continue to improve the lives of their clients. It is wonderful be a part of a caring and top quality-company such as Nobilis Health. Formerly known as Northstar Healthcare Inc. the company sought the name change as they develop within U.S. capital markets. What makes Northstar unique is that they work hand in hand with physicians in overseeing, including proprietorship in several acute and ambulatory health and patient care services in the U.S. Some of the ways that the health company provides patient care admittance and appreciated results is that they strive in providing the best procedures (minimally invasive) to be accomplished at a lower cost, saving for everyone involved. Never overlooking high-quality care, they implement straight-to-patient advertising and exclusive know-how technologies when it comes to every aspect of patient health care, including often neglected area of education. With offices that include Minnesota, Oregon and New Jersey, they offer medical clinics, outpatient surgical facilities and more.  Successful for patients, it also offers proven records for investors due to its high growth rate, particularly for mergers and acquisitions. The year 2014 saw the company obtain the First Nobilis Hospital (formerly Arizona’s Freedom Pain Hospital) with a price tag of more than $3 million dollars. This branched out their ability in working with many highly-skilled surgeons throughout the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Also it allows the hospital to accomplish many multifaceted surgeries and form new working relationships with physicians and their specialties. In the spring of 2015, Nobilis Health participated in a conference to bring attention to its financial outcome covering its year end.