Michael Zomber Loves Japan

People all over the world love learning about other cultures. Someone who has spent many years of his life literally immersed in another culture is Micheal Zomber. Zomber has followed a passion for the world of Japanese armor and weaponry and allowed his passionate admiration for this culture to let him create a satisfying life and be part of a group of people who wish to explore the ancient wisdom that was known to the Japanese Samurai culture. He has learned as much as he can about the ways in which the Japanese culture of the time of the Samurai has much to teach us today.  In fact, Michael has written several books on that very subject.

Learning About Japan

Even as a young man, Michael Zomber knew this his destiny lay in this part of the world. He began to read a great deal about this part of the world. As the years went on and he grew up, he began to expand his understanding of this nation even further. He realized that it was imperative for him to explore this region in much more depth. This is why he started to learn even more about this nation. He knows that the world of Japan is one in which it was possible for many people of the day to create amazing items of all kinds that were used in various kinds of endeavors including that of active combat as well as for decorative elements of all kinds that many people around the world have come to value today.

Hie Love Of This World

One of the many reasons why people today turn to help from Michael Zomber in understanding the world of the Samurai is because they know that he can bring a tremendous feel of energy and a love of the subject at all times. To this end, he has done many things to help demonstrate his love of ancient Japanese arts to others. He has written passionate and intense articles about his love of Japanese metal as well as many novels of all kinds about this period. He has also reached out to those who want to learn more about this period by writing novels that are set in this period of time and this particular place. Those who work with him on this subject know that they can count on his expertise about this subject and, above all, his passionate caring about this amazing and productive time period.

Michael Zomber is the perfect example of somebody that didn’t let a bad event ruin his true passion for history.  He continues to produce new material for the History Channel, through Michael’s production company.  But he’s also very active on social media, connecting with other historians via Facebook.