Why Advance Planning Is Important: Some Reputation Crises Cannot Be Avoided

A reputation crisis hits a business hard, but if the organization is an online reputation management firm, it’s especially difficult to suffer a public relations nightmare. People assume that the reputation management firm, which in this case was Status Labs, should have been proactive and never let anything tarnish the company’s image, but, unfortunately, there was nothing Status Labs could do in this case. Controversial actions of an executive, who is no longer with Status Labs, put the company in the news, even though the person was acting outside of his role at the company.

No company can control the actions of executives while they are enjoying their free time, nevertheless, Status Labs was in an excellent position to recover their good name since they had already helped more than 1,000 clients improve their online reputation. Status Labs knew that they had to raise company morale and get more involved in the community, which the company did. Finally, Status Labs became much more vigilant regarding new hires, which is a practice that every company should adopt since a key employee’s behavior outside of work can impact a company’s stature.

Status Labs is a global reputation management firm that helps businesses and high-profile individuals regain or maintain their favorable online status. Growing rapidly, Status Labs had to relocate to a larger Manhattan office to accommodate the company’s growing team of employees after just one year in their old office. Currently, Status Labs provides reputation management, public relations and online marketing services to clients worldwide.

Status Labs president, Darius Maxwell Fisher, founded the company to help client’s enhance their online image and increase their digital footprint, so it was ironic when the Status Lab’s own reputation took a beating. Fisher, however, learned the importance of being proactive and maintaining a positive image so one employee’s mistake does not define the company. Fisher did so well at redefining Status Lab’s image that now, whenever a reputation crisis is unfolding, the media turns to Fisher for commentary as the head of a leading reputation management company. Follow them on Instagram @statuslabs to learn more about the company.