Fortress Investment Group Careers

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998, based in New York City. It is the leading global investment manager with about forty-two Billion Dollar asset under their management given September thirtieth, 2018. Fortress administer assets of over 1,750 corporate clients and private investor across real estate, permanent capital investors’ strategy, private equity, and credit. Fortress Investment Group focuses on investment performance as their cornerstone whereby they aspire to develop strong risk-adjusted return for their investors over a long term. In 30th September 2018, the company had at around 209 professional investments and 919 asset management employees, headquarters in New York and other strong affiliate offices globally.

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They trade across private funds and credit, specialize in asset-centered investment which brings about a significant experience to investing body. Their expert extends to financial and oversight management of the tangible and financial assets. The fortress investment has vast knowledge about the industry and area of investment, they have evolved a team of professional investors in significant sectors with specific prowess, and interaction with top companies, individuals and institutions. Fortress Investment Group has defined a set of working tools that help them in assessing operations, structure and strategic shortcomings, helping in involvement and extracting value from very complex speculations.

Their experience in institution merge and purchase enable them to work with various institution directors, management and numbers of stakeholder who help them to attain optimal execution of investment. Capital marketing expertise is highly considered in the Fortress and expertise in security for finance in their investment. Fortress Investment Group career has vast of the jobs, the following is highlight of some latest opportunities. Credit Operation, in this job one is supposed to have three to four year experience in Financial Services corporations and experience in the real estate corporation, Private Equity Analyst who can support the New Residential Investment Corporation, Fortress Investment Group also need Senior Recruiter who will possess financial services expertise and be responsible for running recruitment. In a nutshell, Fortress Investment has the following latest job Commercial Real Estate Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Operations Analyst Asset Manager, Credit Operation Associate, and Accountant.

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Lincolnshire Management Recently Sold Assets

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm with over $1.7 billion of private equity funds. Lincolnshire was founded in 1986 by Steven Jay Kumble and Frank C. Wright, Jr. where they invested most of their money in developing middle market companies. Over the last 30 years, this equity firm has made investments through more than 85 acquisitions. They invest in acquisitions of corporate divestitures, growth equity for public and private companies, management buyouts, private companies, and recapitalization. This firm uses a collaborative method where they depend on thorough investment experience from the past through various cycles and industries.

The latest news about Lincolnshire Management has consisted of companies that the firm has sold ownership to. On October 2, 2017, Lincolnshire sold their Italian based company, Fabbri Group, to Argos Soditic. No financial information was revealed from the business arrangement, but the Managing Director at Lincolnshire Ottavio Serena Di Lapigio was noted saying that Lincolnshire’s investment in Fabbri Group was very successful and they were able to form a good relationship with the Stella Group and IGI, the other shareholder group of Lincolnshire. Their cooperative teamwork allowed them to develop the company and expand it in the US and Russia sales market.

More recently, on April 3rd of 2018, Lincolnshire Management sold Amports Inc. to InstarAGF Asset Management. Lincolnshire purchased Amports Inc. from Highstar Capital back in 2014. From the business arrangement, InstarAGF Assets Management Inc. was given a 100% equity interest of Amports Inc. Again, no financial information was revealed from the business arrangement.

Amports Inc. is an automotive port logistics and processing company that is based in Jacksonville, Florida. Amports Inc. supplies numerous large automotive original equipment manufacturers. They strategically have facilities located in the United States and major coastal zones in Mexico as shown here.

InstarAGF focuses on mid-sized infrastructure assets in the civil and social infrastructure, energy, and utility areas in North America. Amports Inc. new partnership with InstarAGF will help to expand their market-leading infrastructure and competitive position.

Investments and business arrangements such as these were what helped Lincolnshire Management to its $1.7 billion in private equity funds. See Lincolnshire Management’s profile here


How Chris Burch Made It In The Fashion Industry

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur, film producer, and a renowned fashion icon. He is the Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a company that incubates Burch’s new brands and manages his investments. The company helps Burch venture into new market opportunity and support disruptive brands and business with his resources. Burch is also the brains behind Tory Burch, LLC, an investor in Voss Water, and one of the investors who make up the Guggenheim Partners.

Born on March 28, 1953, Burch started to show an interest in entrepreneurship from a tender age. His father, John Walter Burch, owned a distribution company, where Burch learned a few things about entrepreneurship. Burch’s journey in entrepreneurship began 1976 while pursuing an undergraduate course at Ithaca College. Together with his Brother, Robert, he started Eagle’s Eye Apparel, a company that sold attractive and affordable sweaters. The business progressed quickly, and Burch decided to find a factory to produce many sweaters to sustain the growing demand. After a few months, the company expanded to other campuses and established more retail stores.  More to read here.  Eagle’s Eye Apparel was later sold for $60 million to Swire Group in 1998.

In 2004, Burch and his then-wife launched Tory Burch, a fashion label that made Burch the next big investor in the fashion sector. He later sold his shares in December 2012 when the company was estimated to be worth $3.5 billion. Armed with a billion-dollar fortune, Burch decided to concentrate on Burch Creative Capital, a company he founded in 2008. The company has incubated more than 10 companies, including C. Wonder, which was purchased by Xcel Brands in July 2015.  For his latest cool offering to the market, hit on

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Burch also has a keen interest in the Real estate. He partnered with Philippe Stark, an architect, and hotelier Alan Faena to develop the Faena Hotel+Universe. In 2011, the exceptional fashion mogul teamed up with Austin Hearst to complete a $19 million luxury home development in Nantucket. Burch is the proud owner of Nihiwatu Resort, which he acquired in 2013.  Read more about the resort on  Chris, the fashion icon, was the producer of a romantic comedy that was released in 1993.

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