Altium Capital Is The Next Venture For Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb has founded his latest company, Altium Capital, after the closing of his previous investment company. He previously was the owner and former Chief Investment Officer of Visium Asset Management, a primarily healthcare directed investment firm. Several of the top level executives of Visium were found to be involved in an insider trading scandal that rocked the company and forced its demise. Jacob had led the company to a high level of success and recognition before the government investigation started. He was not found guilty of any wrongdoing.

His interest in investing, a lifetime passion for Jacob, was the impetus for the creation of Altium Capital. His in-depth understanding of the complexities of investing seem to come naturally to Jacob. He became intrigued in the market as a young teen after he ended up the winner of a contest in school. It was a contest for picking stocks and Jacob excelled at it. His father saw his potential, and he helped him continue on to develop his skill. Jacob Gottlieb was also interested in becoming a medical professional, and his schooling included the completion of his M.D.

Jacob earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics upon his graduation from Brown University. He further pursued his education at NYU Medical School, and there he earned his M.D. He finished his medical internship at New York City’s St. Vincent’s Hospital. Even though Jacob was fully prepared and ready to begin practicing medicine, his love for the world of finance won over. However, his commitment to the healthcare industry did not wain. The healthcare sector was a major focus of the companies that Jacob Gottlieb founded over the years, including that of Altium Capital.

The first position that Jacob Gottlieb pursued in his investment career was at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., a firm based in New York City. Jacob went on to achieve a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) designation to better himself financially and professionally. It was several years later that Jacob Gottlieb went into his first business for himself.

Aloha Construction: What Does it Take to Be an Outstanding Company?

Every year, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) recognizes select companies with its Torch Award to those who show extraordinary ethical manners in their business during the year. It’s given to a small number of companies each year that exhibit exemplary ethical disciplines. The businesses who are chosen are subjected to a careful screening process and are finally selected by a detached panel of mediators.

After proper analysis, Aloha Construction, a family operated and held general construction and contractor business out of Illinois was an exultant winner of the Marketplace Ethics 2017 Torch Award.

Aloha Construction was elected as one of the beneficiaries for several reasons such as its regular donations to the local area, a panel of critics states. It’s the drive, dedication and love for their community that’s part of why obtained Aloha Construction recognition rather than other local businesses or even Shervin Pishevar.

What’s the Torch Honor?

The BBB began its Torch Award Program during 1996 to identify businesses that display excellent business and leadership practices in social accountability. Because of the BBB’s critical standards in excellence, winning the award deserves admiration for any company. Candidates need to also have high criteria with things like their organizational integrity around benefitting employees, customers and their neighborhoods.

It’s a prestigious prize that awards hard-working regional companies. There’s a huge amount of reverence that relates to the tough work that goes into meriting the Torch award because of its immense qualifications. Consequently, it is a true pleasure for any business that earns it, even Shervin Pishevar, founder of Sherpa Capital.

To even meet the standards for the prize, there are six particular guidelines that a business such as Shervin Pishevar’s has to meet. These include, but are not limited to:

Leaders that are devoted to ethical customs.

Business leaders such as Shervin Pishevar have to demonstrate ethical customs in their work and daily life and treat their group of employees respectively. They look for feedback deliberately and make individual changes when required.

The BBB’s site online mentions that candidates need to lead their representatives and have to spur them to be upright and be on the lookout for feedback to apply personal improvements.

Fortress Investment Group Was Bought By SoftBank – But Why?

Without investments, the value of people’s earnings would consistently drop over the years due to inflation. They’d also have to worry about where to reliably store their money – savings accounts would collectively be filled to the proverbial brim. Thankfully, we do have investments, another name for vehicles that store money and are used to generate more money for their owners.

Most people choose conservative investments that carry low risk and reasonable returns. These returns beat out inflation by a few points, though they’re highly unlikely to earn their owners any substantial amounts of money. However, a small portion of investors – both business- and personal-use investors – turn to alternative asset management companies to generate higher returns on their investments, though they often tote along larger risks than their safer, more boring counterparts.

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset management firm based in New York City that helps roughly 2,000 individuals and businesses earn extraordinarily high returns without having to invest in instruments that aren’t likely to yield anything of value – take junk bonds, for example. The company was created in 1998 by a trio of business partners: Wesley “Wes” Edens, Robert “Rob” Kauffman, and Randal “Randy” Nardone.

Fortress Investment Group currently has about $40 billion of assets under management that its 1,800-odd investors trust with the firm. Just last year – in July 2017 – Fortress Investment Group was bought out by an international business conglomerate that doesn’t often invest in opportunities outside of technology and the World Wide Web.

SoftBank Group Corporation bought out Fortress Investment Group for this simple reason

SoftBank of Japan gave $3.3 billion to the owners of Fortress in July 2017. SoftBank forked over roughly 40 percentage points’ worth of premium on its share prices at the time, effectively paying shareholders roughly $8 per share due to the transfer of ownership.

Here’s why SoftBank bought Fortress Investment Group – because it showed promise, for one, and the two companies agreed that Fortress would be run independently of SoftBank, a move that cut the number of employees who would have to work on nothing but the management of Fortress to zero.

All About Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and became the Chief Executive Officer in August 2013 and has been the Principal since 1998. In addition, he was elected to be a part of the Fortress board of directors in November 2006. Besides running the financial aspects of the business, he pretty much just works behind the scenes.

Before helping found Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone was working at UBS as the managing director. He held this position between May 1997 and May 1998. Before that, he was the Principal of Blackrock and, in his very early career, he was actually a member of the executive committee at the Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm. He got his Juris Doctor degree from the Boston University School of Law and his Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut. All of this experience has helped him do well in his current career and he is always trying to learn new things, so he can stay up with the evolving world.

Besides being a member of the board at the Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone is also a member of a few different boards. Since 2004, he has been the director on the board for the following companies: Aircastle Limited, New Media Investment Group, SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd., doBank S.p.A., Mapeley Limited, Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Springfield Holdings, and GAGFAH S.A.. In May of 2015, he became of board director of Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC. He is also Executive Management at the New Residential Investment Corp.

In terms of SoftBank’s purchase of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone has said that he’s very excited. With the 2 teams joining together, he thinks they have what it takes to give the best service they can. In addition, he believes that SoftBank is the perfect company that could’ve bought them. This partly due to the fact that SoftBank is a top company that serves the entire globe and they have a really good track record. He is excited to see where they go from here and what they can come up with!


What Tweets Did Shervin Pishevar Send Recently?

It seems that there is a lot of discussion about the tweets recently sent by Shervin Pishevar. The venture capitalist had been quiet for quite some time on Twitter, so when he recently started tweeting again, his followers were instantly intrigued.

All of the tweets sent were numbered, identifying that Shervin Pishevar planned to share more than one thought. It started at 10:19 PM on February 5. He wanted to share some thoughts on growing financial storms that he saw happening. The next one came two minutes later and the third one came out three minutes after that. In total, there were 50 tweets that spanned 21 hours. At one point he tweeted that he was going to break for dinner and continue the discussion later on.

What were the tweets?

The tweets sent by Shervin Pishevar covered a significant amount of information. Mostly, it revealed his thoughts regarding the financial market as well as the United States economy. However, he also touched on such topics as dangerous monopolies in the United States, the innovative edge being lost by Silicon Valley, as well as the speed of execution taking place around the globe. Click Here for more information.

The Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar has 91,000 followers and many chose to either like or share some of his posts. Some of these followers are bloggers of their own. It didn’t take long before millions of people were talking about the investor’s comments and how accurate they were. Dow Jones took a 500 point hit within an hour the day after his tweets came out about the market losing 6000 points in aggregate over the coming months.

One blog referred to the tweets as a “tweet storm” because of how many were sent. Shervin Pishevar could have easily created a blog post in order to share his comments. However, he chose to send out dozens of tweets instead. If the goal was for people to listen and start talking, it was effective.

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Paul Mampilly – CEO and Founder of Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly is one of the few people who has always strived to access better business solutions in a manner that depicts his career in the finance industry. Paul Mampilly is also considered as one of the few people who work hard to develop a talent in the world of investment. This is because he has mastered the art of persuasion and developing new ways to accumulate wealth for the individual acceleration techniques. Paul Mampilly has always favored his workers because he feels they are the reason why he has made better investment plans for his clients for the past few decades of his professional experience.

When Paul Mampilly graduated from the University of Birmingham with his MBA, he decided to actuate his education into real life. His first job was at the Dusche Investment Banking Company based in the United States. Paul Mampilly worked for the company for five years as an investment advisor. The reason why he retained his seat as an investment advisor was because he was willing to achieve unparalleled business solutions for his clients with the highest level of investment accuracy. For this reason, Paul Mampilly scooped himself a good name as the best entity working to sustain his acceleration techniques.

For all the positions Paul Mampilly has ever held, he has always struggled to make sound decisions. This is because the world of development does not require you to achieve what you want if you are not sound in all your investment decisions. You must also be accurate with this decision. If you make a simple mistake at the beginning of planning decision, the actual value will be magnified at the end of the investment. This is the reason why it is always imperative to actuate your values as an investment partner in this industry.

Paul Mampilly also worked at the Wall Street for more than one decade. While he was working there, he made himself a good reputation for solving most of the problems he faced in the industry. This is because he has always assimilated the most sophisticated business opportunity that sends him in the real estate industry. Paul Mampilly helped the richest people in the world make a sound investment because of his professional courtesy. Paul Mampilly also advises that one must depict the true nature of his company by assimilating the best interracial access solutions for his commodities. Investment is an art of persuasion.

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Taking Wealth Solution Notch Higher with Richard Blair

A lot of prospective investors always want guidance so they can be successful in the business. Wealth solution is one of the organizations that help them to achieve their objective and the man behind the success of the organization is Richard Blair. For over a decade the organization has been able to attract more clients due to the reputation status and also the better services that they give to their clients. The organization is in Austin, Texas, due to the experience and knowledge that Richard Blair had in Finance is the main reason that he founded Wealth Solutions. Some of the proficiency certificates that he has because of the accomplishment that he has in the field of finance include CFS, CAS, RCIP, and CES. Through specialization of investment consulting firm, Wealth Solution has been able to help prominent investors.


Through vital values and features that the company has in the field of finance it has been able to please their customers to attain what they need hence they become more successful in their business endeavors. Through compliant with the customer’s insight on their financial goals the company has been able to attend to their customers sufficiently due to reducing the tasks of the organization. Furthermore through having particular values that govern the organization has been able to develop.

Foremost one of the values is through knowing what the clients actually need hence these will make thing easier because a worker who is attending to clients will know exactly and decide the objective, the risk, enhance opportunities and the personality of the customer. The worker will be able to spot the work to be done therefore shortening the amount of work. Learn more:


Through having extensive technique is another value that assists to shield investment need of the customer. These are able to be achieved through ensuring that there is always obtainability of endless market which helps in regulating the investment objective goals of the clients. Furthermore, it gives assurance to the client their notions will be attained.


Together the values form the last value because they connect together whereby when they notions of the customers are known they initiate techniques to accomplish them then Richard Blair provide shelter that involves the need of the customers.

Richard Blair is a renowned financial advisor who has been able to guide the organization to reach their objectives in the year 1994 is when he founded Wealth Solution and it’s developing till now.