Jeremy Goldstein and His Programs That Develop Companies’ Employee Incentives

There’s not a lot of articles today that can delineate the precise but meaty information you need to know about the expertise and reputation of the renowned Jeremy Goldstein. What you probably already know right now is that Jeremy Goldstein is the famous Attorney At Law who has been addressing the needs of companies regarding employee compensation as well as incentives for making them stay longer.



Creating A Sustainable Economic Culture



One of the many contributions of Jeremy is the fact that he can help companies with their employee compensation needs that will both be beneficial to the company and their employees. Especially in New York City, where Jeremy operates, it’s a little bit hard to entice and keep employees going without the right incentives. This explains why many big companies like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Verizon have given their trust to Jeremy Goldstein to handle their employee incentives.



One of the prominent contributions or projects that Jeremy Goldstein endorses or pushes for his consultancy is the Earnings Per Share program. This program means that the employees are given better incentives by earning a particular share or stock from company depending on their performance. There are many pros and cons to this incentive program, but it’s good to know that Jeremy is confident he can pull through his program and make good with it through helping other companies. Indeed, it is also impressive that despite the expertise that Jeremy has faced, he still has skin in the game, where he is willing to pay for the consequences of the ideas and principles he has crafted for the clients he’s helping with his legal skills, especially with his Earnings Per Share program.



About Jeremy Goldstein



Jeremy is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associate, LLC, which is a boutique law firm that he founded that specializes in giving clients advice on how to handle their employees. With his guidance, he’s able to help CEOs and management teams create the kind of compensation programs that suit their employees and business model very well.



Jeremy has been part of the acquisition process of Goodrich by the multinational company United Technologies, and Verizon Wireless by Alltell Corporation. Jeremy also has a J.D, which he earned from the New York University School of Law. The formative educational background of Jeremy was also honed while taking his M.A. from the University of Chicago, while his B.A. cum laude degree came from Cornell University, which he earned with distinction. With such educational foundation, there’s little wonder why he’s achieved the prestige he experiences today.



He is also a renowned member of the distinguished Fountain House Board of Directors, where he helps in initiating charity programs that support the recovery of men and women with distressing mental illness. Learn more: