Sujit Choudhry: An Eminent Constitutional Expert and Advisor

Sujit Choudhry is one of the founding directors and faculty of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, BerkeleyLaw, a university-based center that supports constitution building through knowledge. He is also an internationally recognized and accepted authority on comparative constitutional law and constitutional development. The I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law is approached by constitutional experts across the world to decipher various complexities in regards to different constitutions and comparative constitutional law. He has served as a renowned advisor in combining and building constitutional conflicts in several countries through his deep and magnifying experience in the constitutional building process.  Check for more related articles.

In academic terms, Comparative Law is referred to as a study of comparing various legal systems and constitutions to arrive the finest system. The emergence of comparative constitutional law has begun from the early 80s in the wake of economic globalization. The bindings between jurisdictions have energized the importance and possibilities of comparative constitutional law to a different level. Comparative laws always have given some significant contributions in fixing social, economic, and political inequalities across the Globe.

There are several academic disciplines that have been developed over the years to simplify the complexity and to understand the depth of the Comparative Law. The various disciplines are comparative constitutional law, comparative administrative law, comparative civil law, etc. The scholars from different streams can easily adapt to the reforms made in the different comparative law disciplines. The detailed comparison or studies between jurisdictions to jurisdictions or between several countries can be observed through mini or micro-mini analysis. The main purpose of comparative Law is to gain better knowledge, to bring constructive and positive changes, and to contribute to the unification of prevailing Legal Systems. Continue reading on this blog about Sujit.

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Sujit Choudhry has played a pivotal role in remolding the comparative constitutional law to touch different dimensions in the modern era. He made sincere efforts to comprehend various constitutional and legal concepts to help the legal professionals from different backgrounds. His research addresses how to design constitutional tools to bring down or to manage the transition of violent conflicts and culturally divided societies to peaceful democratic politics and a unified society. He helped in forming constitutions of various countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and Ukraine.  For Sujit contact info, check

To increase the awareness of various constitutional remedies that address social and political issues, he also lectured in many countries to help both legislators and executives to learn the important of a great constitutional system.  For Sujit timeline activities, click

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