Roseann Bennett: Using Different Forms Of Therapy To Treat Patients


In the past decades, mental health was treated using drugs. The emergence of Prozac, as well as a broad spectrum of similar medication, gave doctors a great option while giving pharma easy money. But fifteen years later, the problems are still here with us. Mental illness is now pervasive with anxiety and depression being the primary cause of disability. Besides, there’s a dramatic reduction in research as well as drug development since analysis suggests that pills can’t fully answer mental health problems. According to Roseann Bennett, mental health problems continue to plague the population because of the lack of extensive research from the healthcare industry.

Roseann Bennett who has been a successful marriage as well as a family therapist for more than eight years has vast experience in providing solutions for many life’s problems. When she worked as an in-house therapist for different families in New Jersey, Bennett developed a stellar reputation for reaching out to those who couldn’t afford treatment. Bennett didn’t segregate her patients based on their inability to pay. She also understood that they had different needs that required the support of a healthcare professional. As such, she established The Center for Assessment and Treatment, a not-for-profit organization that offers intense treatment sessions, therapy, and counseling for patients.

Since its founding in 2009, Center for Assessment and Treatment has opened doors for hundreds of patients who have mental disorders. The organization has assisted these people to overcome their issues through their life’s struggles not only internally and externally but within a common horrific place. The charitable organization is also devoted to offering treatment while advocating for people with families of different backgrounds particularly those who have been marginalized by their friends and families. Coupled with values that have been instilled by Roseann Bennett, the center is also committed to providing customized treatment solutions for patients at a low cost. Get Related Information Here.

When she founded the organization, Bennett strained to gain a viable income to support her mission. But with the support of her husband Todd Bennett, she managed to establish the revolutionary foundation that offers modern treatment methods such as “Canine-Assisted Therapy” and the use of telemedicine to reach out to patients.


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