Jorge Moll: Health Benefits of Giving

Giving has a lot of health benefits. According to a research made by Jorge Moll, a prominent Brazilian neuroscientist, the practice of giving can result in less stress. Many people in the world today are being affected by stress because of their jobs, family problems, and other kinds of issues in life. Stress levels, if it continues to rise, can cause severe ailments in the body and it can also lead to fatal diseases. However, if someone is practicing to give, the stress level will decrease significantly, and it can result in a healthier lifestyle. The experiment about the correlation between good health and giving was conducted by some prominent neuroscientist from all over the world, and Jorge Moll had to seek the assistance of Jordan Grafman to perform the experiment and record the research findings.

Several volunteers were invited by the neuroscientists to watch a scenario which involves giving. The neuroscientists who were observing the volunteers were surprised when they saw a rapid change in the body’s metabolism, and they were also surprised seeing the brain functioning differently. The neuroscientists found out later on that the scenario which has shown giving made the volunteers feel right, and the pleasure comes from the brain itself. The brain releases some hormones for the body to feel, and it causes the good feeling that the volunteers felt. This good sense resulting from the mind releasing its hormones is good for the body, according to the scientists. They claimed that it has positive effects on the body, and aside from countering stress, the hormones can also make someone less prone from being depressed (


Giving would give someone an opportunity to make new friends, and to meet new people. If someone is enjoying the activities involved with giving, they can also live better lives, removing stress and depression from the equation. Jorge Moll has encouraged so many people to give, because of its health benefits, as well as the social advantages that come with it. Giving should also come from the heart, and no one should measure how much they are giving to someone to make it more efficient.