How FlockU Attains The Trust of Millennials

Keen observation can direct an individual to the fact that more business owners are shaping up new brands in a manner that can conform to what the consumers between 18 and 24 years old – the millennials – want. Among these companies is the FlockU of Josh Verne.
According to Verne (, the concept of the firm is to allow college students to converse with other college students and market the brands. The ultimate reason for this is because the millennials have a diverse way of thinking in comparison to how the other generations’ minds prior to it work. The young adults at present, to be specific, are more conscious regarding the products that they buy and the brands that they trust. These people have high awareness and knowledge about the things that are advantageous or disadvantageous for them, and they remain quite passive when marketers of older ages approach them. Hence, Josh Verne’s idea of employing millennials can aid brands in gaining this particular demographic’s confidence.
Why Companies Aim for the Millennials
Regardless of the truth that they have lesser purchasing capability than those in their 30s or 40s, various institutions believe that they need to take action now so that they will obtain a lot of loyal consumers in the future. 18 to 24 is the age range wherein the youth are coming and out of the universities, trying their luck in the real world, and managing their own finances. Due to the advanced education that schools and universities impart to the students, the millennials have grown up with a sense of understanding towards the advertising techniques that business establishments make use of. In simpler terms, they get the picture if an employee comes up to them and begins marketing its company, and they do not appreciate it.
Nothing is constant with the millennials. The current trends can be outmoded tomorrow. These facts have been considered nicely by FlockU as even their own website possess a diverse vibe than the others. The design is unique and the texts are far from being corporate-like – basically the ingredients that attract millennials to a brand.
About Josh Verne
Josh Verne founded the FlockU, LLC on the first quarter of 2016. This is a digital platform that millennials developed in hopes of becoming the go-to website for people within the age group to discover the latest news and how-to guides that concern the lives of the youth.
Prior to FlockU, Josh Verne acquired and managed and Home Line Furniture, respectively.