Early Life of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a Brazilian born finance expert. However, before his career in finance, Cassio was a musician playing in a band of childhood friends. The group called Viper Rock Band was formed in 1985 and had great success in the hard metal music they played. The Brazilian group released their first album in 1987 called Soldiers of Sunrise. The album was a huge success, and the Vipers got a lot of attention throughout Europe and America. The group performed to huge crowds and were even given four stars by Allmusic. Soldiers of Sunrise featured some of their greatest hit songs like Nightmare and Princess from Hell. The group later released a second album Theater of Fate in 1989 which became an even bigger success. It received a lot of attention especially the youth who were beginning to love rock music and read full article.

Cassio was a great drummer, and some sources say his expertise on drum sets could have made him a legend in the music industry had he not retired in 1989. He was also an intelligent songwriter and wrote some of the songs the band released. Cassio is also said to have been a great vocalist who redefined rock music in Brazil considering they played their music in English which is their second language. The brilliant drummer also helped the group’s early and struggling problems of marketing. This acumen can be attributed to his passion for business where he has become successful over the years and Cassio Audi on Facebook.

In 1989, Cassio quit music and enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He later applied and qualified for a master’s degree in the same field at the Sao Polo University. Cassio has since then ventured into real estate and the stock market. Every once in a while Cassio Audi will hang out with his old buddies and fine tune his drumming skills and learn more about Cassio Audi.

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Lime Crime Has Fantastic Colors

In today’s market, I know it’s important to be able to find your own style. I have developed my own personal style from a young age and worked hard to help bring out it in everything I do. Part of being able to develop my own style was finding the right makeup.

This is why I was so pleased to find out about a new line products on the market today. Lime Crime has quickly become one of my favorite makeup companies. Like them, I have a personal style and that style is modern with a dash of retro. At this company, they understand the need to have color in life no matter the seasons. I’ve repeatedly found the kind of color I want to have in my makeup right here.

Amazing Colors

Those who search out this company will find as I did that the colors they have here are based on the needs of the modern woman who wants to be as fashion forward as possible. Here is where you can find all sorts of bright colors that can really help bring out your blue eyes.

I happen to like shades like Eclipse and Raisin Hell, shades of red that are so wonderful during the winter when you really want to bring color back into hour life. I also like the company’s softer shades like Mud and Mustard.

A Shade For Every Day

I love to shake it up in my life when it comes to makeup. Each day, I think about how I can shake it up and change things in life. Makeup from Lime Crime makes that process very easy. I can always log on to the site and find out how to change my look in some way.

This means I can pick from the items on the site like the Velvetines that are all about the chance to change out color in any way you like. You can go really soft one day for a romantic and retro look and then go with something that is a bit more modern the very next day.