The Intent of the Chainsmokers to Transform the Music Industry

Earlier this year, The Chainsmokers attended the globe’s largest Grammy Awards in the city of New York. During the event, The Chainsmokers demonstrated the secret behind their hit song known as somebody. According to the duo, somebody, as their recent hit, incorporates various modular synth activities, as well as, vocal samples, which are well pitched. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall postulate the uniqueness of their composition. As such, the duo promises its fans a more sophisticated tutorial concerning the song. The most exciting part regarding The Chainsmokers’, somebody, is the idea that the vocals were partly recorded for a different song. This phenomenon explains the constant change of the pitch of the song.

Besides participating in the 60th Grammy Awards, The Chainsmokers have garnered other different prizes from a variety of agencies. Taggart and Pall’s achievements commenced in 2014 when they released their premier hit song famous as “Selfie.” Later in 2015, the artists’ debut EP was launched featuring the duo’s single “Roses.” After a series of perfecting their presence in the music industry, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart won the 59th edition of the Grammy Awards, particularly for the excellent dance-recording category. Other prizes presented to Alex and Andrew Taggart includes the American Music Prizes, as well as, iHeartRadio Music Awards.

The previous achievements of the accolades have influenced their desire for present and future success. Consequently, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart commenced this year aiming at propelling their music to a higher notch. They began their work at the beginning of the year, releasing a song track called ‘Sick Boy.’ The song incorporated Taggart’s sophisticated vocals and live instrumentations. Sick Boy is unique from the previous composition of the Chain Smokers given that the song is catchy, intoxicating and attractive to old and latest fans. The video accompaniment of the song has attained many views approximating to 136 million. The enthusiastic nature of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart drives their motives directed towards expanding the scope of the task of DJs. Andrew and Alex use exclusive strategies including their appropriate use of social media, live vocals and instrumentations to attract the attention of their fans.


Workville: NYC’s Finest Coworking Space

Workville New York offices for rent are great for when you’re in need of a workplace for your own business, or looking to be surrounded by other entrepreneurs who may be your next clients, or even your new partners. Located in the heart of Manhattan, Workville is near all the action at Times Square, and not too far down the road from the financial district. When you rent a coworking space from Workville NYC, you can setup operations in an open lounge area, or get your own private desk area complete with phone service. You also get mail service, accessible WiFi, coffee, printers and fax machines, and you can reserve conference rooms for your business meetings, or even reserve space for private parties after hours. Workville NYC has just about everything you could ask for in a coworking space hall, and newcomers can request a tour of the place.

What Workville brings is a new approach to how businesses will be run in the future, and even now some traditional fortune 500 companies are migrating towards this new trend. According to Harvard Business Review, it’s especially resonating well with millenials, like ones who do freelance or independent contractor work and are looking for a community of entrepreneurs to work alongside of. This is because while working at home has its perks, most young people don’t want to feel they’re without a social life, and working from a co-working space can fill some of the voids they might feel working at home alone.

Sometimes intertwined with Co-working spaces, are Co-living spaces, housing that’s provided within the co-working facility confines with all the amenities needed for life outside of work. This isn’t nearly as popular yet as co-working, but it is a growing idea that co-working space networks are starting to incorporate alongside their places of business. What makes these places more attractive to young people is that they are no longer faced with paying hefty rent rates or making large office space purchases for their needs, but instead can pay cheaper rates just for their own personal work spaces. Should co-living start becoming the norm, occupants will no longer have to worry about traveling to their coworking space every day and may save money in the long run.