Gregory Aziz’s Vision Was Once Only A Desire for Rescuing A Falling Company

Presidents whether presiding over nations or silently watching their companies conquer the world leave office by mandatory or voluntary retirement, unpopular vote, step down or worse die in office. Gregory Aziz has not experienced such misfortune because of excellent leadership that spans more than two decades. He is a servant leader.


Also known as James Aziz, his employees know him as a man that did not let the train leave the station without him twenty-four years ago. He believes that his employees are his biggest asset because without them the company would be reduced to nothing. National Steel Car is his chessboard, and no one can pronounce ‘checkmate’ better than him when it comes to moving people to areas they are best suited for in the company. He does not discriminate against employees with a low skill set instead he sets them up with mentors who help nurture their talents.


National Steel Car has been recognized as the leader in railcar engineering all thanks to Greg Aziz and his quest for excellence. The company did not always enjoy the success it enjoys today because at one time during the great depression, it almost closed its doors. It managed to stay afloat by manufacturing trucks and bus bodies. Those days are long gone, and today the company produces boxcars, coil cars, flat cars, gondolas hoppers, intermodal and tank cars. The company continues to hold an impressive manufacturing pace in the rail industry.


Gregory J Aziz is a man that believes in being courageous for what he believes in even if he was standing alone. It is this courage that enables him when it is time for signing a contract and respecting deadlines. The simple formula has allowed the company’s ability to attract and maintain big names in the railroad industry such as Canadian National Railways and Ontario Northland Railway.


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The discipline he maintained during his years as an economics student at Western University is what keeps him at the top during the day to day activities. He respects his work and the people he works. Greg Aziz’s passion for business began at home where growing up in London meant that he worked in the family business from a young age. Before joining National Steel Car, he worked in investment banking. Gregory Aziz was not always the successful man that is the face of business in North America today. He was once just a banker with a dream. James Aziz’s purposed to purchase the company he now chairs, then threatening to fall in the gutters but today a successful venture. He made it. View Related Info Here.


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Education And Much More Form The Basis Of The Work Of Dick DeVos

The DeVos family have always been known as major donors to Republican programs and conservative institutions across the U.S., but when it comes to education reform Dick and Betsy DeVos have impressed me with their ability to cross party lines to make sure children across the nation have the best possible start in life. In an interview I read with Betsy DeVos in Philanthropy Roundtable I found the work this married couple have completed has taken them across the U.S. from their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan to become two of the most important campaigners in the history of school choice and voucher systems; the couple have worked with politicians from different backgrounds across the nation to come up with many different ways to make sure parents knew all of their options. I was impressed to discover Dick and Betsy DeVos had helped develop a bipartisan political group in the state of Louisiana to work on school vouchers; I was impressed to discover Dick DeVos worked closely with religious and community leaders to make sure the short window available for school choice was made known to as many parents in the state as possible.

In the course of reading about the work completed by Dick DeVos on Wikipedia I discovered Dick is himself the product of a public school education, which I believe has helped to transform the way he looks at educational reform in general. An area of the philanthropic work of Dick DeVos I have been most impressed by is his decision to push forward the cause of charter schools in Michigan and across the nation, which are free from tuition fees and are provided free of charge to all students; DeVos has developed his own West Michigan Aviation Academy to allow students with an interest in flying to focus on this area of their studies. In providing the people of Grand Rapids, Michigan with the best choices in education Dick DeVos has affected one part of everyday life for the people of the state, but his work with the Grand Rapids Grand Action project has made further improvements for the people of the state; the Grand Rapids plan worked on by Dick DeVos has been, in my own opinion, a success with new college campuses, arts centers, and hotel facilities created in the city.

Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah, a hedge fund manager, wanted to do help contribute of autism research. His son has autism and this was a motivating factor in his decision. He met with a popular rapper and entertainer Snoop Dogg and came up with the idea for an enterprise that entertains around the world to raise money for autism research. It is called Autism Rocks.

It began in 2014 with a performance in London by Prince. This organization has had entertainment with Elvis Costello and Joss Stone. He has a site on Go Fund Me a site that helps individuals and non-profits raise money for different causes. All funds raised from Autism Rocks goes to autism research.

Autism Rocks has funded over 15 autism research projects. These projects try to find ways to identify autism early and intervene. Sanjay Shah says that when he learned his son had autism he felt he had been hit by a train. He wanted to immediately fix the problem and it not that easy. He had to learn to live with it and that was hard for him.

He entertained Snoop Dogg and his 12 member group at his home. From this visit he was motivated to set up the organization Autism Rocks and get back to music. Sanjay Shah decided to stage concerts by superstars as a way to raise money. Most money goes to the Autism Research Center in Cambridge, MA.

Sanjay Shah has worked as an investment banker for over 20 years. He worked at Morgan Stanley, Credit Susse, and Rabobank.

Solo Capital started as a small company and now employs over 100 financial experts. The experts are located in London and Dubai. The business made Sanjay a multi millionaire. He bought two mini buses for the Dubai Autism Center in 2011 for transportation due to his successful business. He contributes to the UK based organization ART regularly. Although, semi retired his business is so successful it practically runs itself.