What Everyone Should Know About CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

What is CCMP Capital

Being an investment firm that is held privately, CCMP Capital is focused on leveraged buyout and the growth of the transactions with the Capital. In the month of August, during 2006, CCMP Capital had become an independent firm. It comes as no surprise that CCMP Capital has over 50 different people who work for them and they have a wide variety of offices. Some of their offices are in Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo and London. Ranked as the 17th in the world’s largest equity funds, they are very knowledgeable in the growth and buying out of equity investments that are all around North America and Europe, throughout four different types of industries. Not many people actually know that the CCMP, from the name Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, comes from the company’s ancestor’s names, Chase Capital, Chemical Venture, Manufacturers Hanover, Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners.

CCMP Capital’s History

Having been called by many different names over the course of the last 20 years or so, CCMP Capital had been founded in 1984. CCMP Capital’s original name was Chemical Venture Partners. In the beginning days, CCMP Capital was meant to become a private equity and venture capital arm to the company known as Chemical Bank. In 1996, after the acquisition of the Chase Manhattan Bank, the Chemical Bank decided that they would take the Chase name and after that Chemical Venture Partners had chosen to change their name to Chase Capital Partners, and the changing of the company’s name went on from that point, until they eventually became CCMP Capital.

About Stephen P. Murray

Stephen P. Murray was an extraordinary investor on wall street journal of private equity and an amazing philanthropist. At the company CCMP Capital, he had become the President and Chief Executive Officer. In 1984, Stephen decided that he would join a credit analyst training program that Manufacturers Hanover Corporation was running. By the year 1989, Murray had decided that he would join the MH Equity Corporation. The MH Equity Corporation was a mix of the leveraged finance department and Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group. In 2005, JP Morgan Partners had Stephen leading the buyout business. Stephen was able to co-found the CCMP Capital company in the year 2006 during the month of August. He then in the year of 2007 had the great business sense to become the CEO of CCMP Capital.