Competition Gets Stiffer For Dog Food Makers

Richard Thompson, the CEO of a small gourmet-food maker, obsesses over the quality of products that roll off the production line of his company. For this reason, he only makes use of fresh ingredients, eschews preservatives and works to ensure that the time the meals sit on shelves is limited. This ensures that they still have exploding flavor when consumed. To prove how delectable the dog food is, Michael Hieger pops a piece of the dog food into his mouth. He goes on to comment that it tastes just like thanksgiving. All this is going on at the Freshpet Inc. located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This company is the only one in the market to produce industrial refrigerated dog food in the world. The company is jostling for a top spot in the $23.7 billion pet-food industry. Over the years, pet-food makers have been offering a blend of lamb salmon in their kibble and providing organic grain-free food. However, in the wake of the competition offered by startups like Blue Buffalo Co. and Freshpet, traditional pet-food makers are taking their marketing a notch higher. The fresh and healthy movement has found its way from human to pet foods. Various companies are offering various types of food. Colgate-Palmolive has a line of dog food that will help your pet lose weight. Nestle’s Purina offers a website in which dog owners can customize special blends. Mars Petcare is also tapping into the farm-to-table trend with its line, Nutro Farm’s Harvest, that consists of blueberries and cranberries. Among the key players in the provision of high quality is a company that is no stranger in the market. Beneful has set high ingredient standards to ensure that safety becomes the number one priority when it comes to making dog food. Beneful boasts a committed team of workers that work to meet the physical as well as the emotional needs of pets and pet owners all over the world. The quality of the Beneful products offered is enough to leave pet owners feeling confident. The original article can be accessed by clicking on this link.