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San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon has been criticizing the police union saying that it is an obstructionist and he is bothered by the apparent Police Department diversity. During a night out with some union leaders, George Gascon said some racially based remarks. The former president of Police Officers Association, Gary Delagnes, said that the police union plays a big role in influencing the attitudes and actions of the Police Commission and Chief of Police. He says that Gascon is now condemning the same institution he set up himself.

In a sworn declaration, Delagnes recounts of the behavior of Gascon some time ago when he made statements that irked many people. His behavior was unwelcome to an extent that he had to be restrained in order to avoid continuing embarrassment towards an African American Patron who was hosting them at his house. Delagnes has gone publicly to state that if he is called upon he will reveal in detail about the statements made by Gascon. This however does not mean that everyone agrees with Delagnes declaration. According to the spokesperson of the District Attorney’s office, the statements made by Delagnes lacks credibility and are merely made up in the mind without any factual basis. The reason behind Delagnes speaking out is due to a statement that Gascon made to the effect that he was concerned about the state of the Police Department.

Delagnes is overly concerned with quick change in attitude of Gascon saying that during his tenure he was committed in solving and handling disciplinary matters. He also said that through all the years he has known Gascon, it never occurred to him that he was biased in any particular manner. According to the recent testimony and comments that Gascon has made, a different image of him is being portrayed. Gascon in some of his public comments stated that the promotions in the Police Department are based on what he calls an “old boys network”.

Delagnes has also come out saying that at one point when having lunch with George Gascon, he intimated to him that he was planning to oppose the appointment of Greg Suhr as the Chief of Police. In an effort to deter him from doing so, Delagnes told him that the Police Officers Association may fail to endorse and support him for his re-election as the District Attorney. It remains to be seen what the blue-ribbon panel will decide.


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