Sawyer Howitt: Racquetball

Sawyer Howitt is a young racquetball player with a great deal of talent as well as a bright future. Sawyer Howitt is also the son of the owner of the Meriwether Group. Therefore, Howitt has a great deal more going for him other than simply being a talented racquetball player.

At present, Howitt plays racquetball for the Racquetball Club of Portland. Many believe Sawyer Howitt’s talents will take him to the Racquetball Mens Olympics within the future. Anything is possible , Howitt does seem to have what it takes to make it to the big time Olympics.

Apparently, Howitt has been playing racquetball for a number of years. It is well known that Howitt was already a talented player going back to his high school days. Aside from his obvious talent in sports, Howitt takes academics seriously also. Howitt has made his concentration of studies on business and finance.

Howitt was named Lincoln High School Racquetball Star in 2017. Howitt seemed to only get better over time with his racquetball skill and technique. Therefore, Howitt has been considered worthy of notice on the national scene.

In 2015 Howitt did not win the trophy for his participation in the Racquetball State Championships. However, Howitt did play a spectacular game against Eric Poppleston. The game was a close match and many observed the exceptional talent and technique Howitt seemed to possess.

After the 2015 match Howitt seemed to be a frequent contender at various racquetball matches and his name was listed on the Oregon Racquetball Schedule. It was due to the 2015 racquetball match against Poppleston that the Racquetball Club of Portland that he was asked to be representative on staff at the Racquetball Club of Portland. Of course, Howitt felt this was quite an honor at this stage of his life.

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Sawyer Howitt may soon appear on the National Racquetball Rankings. He certainly has the talent, time as well as ambition to be a professional racquetball player. I think we will be hearing quite a bit bout Howitt within the near future.

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