Bringing in Additional Help

Status Labs is one of the leading service providers when it comes to online reputation management. As most business is now conducted over the Internet, having a strong online reputation is a must. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds. Whether someone posts an undesirable comment on social media from the office or outside people create untrue reviews through services like Yelp, all of it can impact how a company is viewed. This is where the team at Status Labs comes into play to help out and to do whatever it can to not only remove the negative content but to also boost the presence of the company online. Now, to remain one of the top reputation management companies in the world it does need to constantly increase the services it offers. This is exactly why Status Labs has decided to bring in Mike Paul, aka “The Reputation Doctor.”

Mike Paul has worked with many of the top companies in the entire world. From United Airlines to Kraft Foods, he has worked with everyone. In fact, he has even worked with the nation of China in order to help with reputation management. Seen as the top expert in the industry, Status Labs decided to seek him out in order to improve the services the company provides to its customers. Mike now stands as an advisor to the company’s board of directors. He can guide the company towards where they should go and how they should continue to assist their customers. His company is also joining up with Status Labs in order to cross service clients. This way, clients of Status Labs can receive help from The Reputation Doctor while clients of The Reputation Doctor are also able to receive assistance from Status Labs. This makes it that much better for all parties involved.

It can prove difficult for customers to know how to handle their own online reputation. That is why Status Labs and their president, Darius Fisher, are constantly looking for ways to improve the services it provides and offer clients with the very best way to ensure everyone receives top assistance, no matter what.