The Traveling Vineyard Sets A New Standard For Wine Sales

The Direct Sales Method
The Traveling Vineyard doesn’t use the traditional marketing methods common in the wine industry. They rely on wine guides, people like you they have trained to sell wine, to get the word out. This model appears to be working.

The Traveling Vineyard is seeing millions in sales and it’s giving people who never thought they would have the chance to make money for themselves. There isn’t much to learn before anyone can make themselves a wine guide and the sky is the limit.

The Difference It Makes
The Traveling Vineyard focus on direct sales is enabling people to enter new professions who would have never considered it before. If you don’t want to have others boss you around this is the perfect set up for you. After the initial training period and low start up costs you’ll never have to worry about anyone telling you what to do. You make all of your decisions and you decide how much you want to sell each month. Compare this to what other jobs you might be able to find and what those jobs would demand of you.

How Much Money Can You Earn?
The best part about working for the Traveling Vineyard is that you can decide how much money you make. Some people are only interested in using this job as a way to make some side money. They’ll be happy with $100 or so a month. Others want to treat this like a full time job and would prefer to make a bit more in the long run. They’ll put in more effort and create a large volume of sales. Regardless, everyone can walk away happy with they receive from their work for the Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide.

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