Alex pall: From a DJ to a Musician

Alex pall did not become a successful musician by chance but through sheer hard work combined with his passion for music. He is part of Chainsmokers, a famous music group that has made a name for itself for releasing hit after hit. Alex pall formed the group with Andrew Taggart and together they have continued to pursue the kind of music that they like.

Initially, Alex pall has a passion for working as a DJ and he ended up establishing what he considers a “little career” as a DJ in New York City. It was a childhood dream come true, but he was a little afraid that he might not succeed because the job was just fun to him. He was worried that it might not develop into a serious career. Over time, his interest in music grew and he decided to become a full-time musician. That is when he met his partner through their manager and his music career kicked off.

The music duo’s success has partly been influenced by their ability to work together and relate well to each other. They share the same values and have the same goals, and they both put all their effort into developing their music. They hold high regard for one another and Alex pall expresses that Andrew is a great musician. According to Alex pall, most of their songs are related to their life experiences and they engage in developing such music so that their listeners can resonate with it.

Alex pall makes sure to remain observant of what is happening in the music. The duo engages in observing the moves made by other artists to evaluate what is working in the industry and what they should avoid. According to Alex pall, every day presents an opportunity to make improve their work because he cannot afford to be complacent. He prefers not to treat this career as a job that pays all his bills but as a tool to reach out to all people of the world. For Alex pall, it has been a journey of self-discovery that has always demanded him to keep on checking his actions and what needs to be done to improve their position in the industry

The Intent of the Chainsmokers to Transform the Music Industry

Earlier this year, The Chainsmokers attended the globe’s largest Grammy Awards in the city of New York. During the event, The Chainsmokers demonstrated the secret behind their hit song known as somebody. According to the duo, somebody, as their recent hit, incorporates various modular synth activities, as well as, vocal samples, which are well pitched. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall postulate the uniqueness of their composition. As such, the duo promises its fans a more sophisticated tutorial concerning the song. The most exciting part regarding The Chainsmokers’, somebody, is the idea that the vocals were partly recorded for a different song. This phenomenon explains the constant change of the pitch of the song.

Besides participating in the 60th Grammy Awards, The Chainsmokers have garnered other different prizes from a variety of agencies. Taggart and Pall’s achievements commenced in 2014 when they released their premier hit song famous as “Selfie.” Later in 2015, the artists’ debut EP was launched featuring the duo’s single “Roses.” After a series of perfecting their presence in the music industry, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart won the 59th edition of the Grammy Awards, particularly for the excellent dance-recording category. Other prizes presented to Alex and Andrew Taggart includes the American Music Prizes, as well as, iHeartRadio Music Awards.

The previous achievements of the accolades have influenced their desire for present and future success. Consequently, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart commenced this year aiming at propelling their music to a higher notch. They began their work at the beginning of the year, releasing a song track called ‘Sick Boy.’ The song incorporated Taggart’s sophisticated vocals and live instrumentations. Sick Boy is unique from the previous composition of the Chain Smokers given that the song is catchy, intoxicating and attractive to old and latest fans. The video accompaniment of the song has attained many views approximating to 136 million. The enthusiastic nature of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart drives their motives directed towards expanding the scope of the task of DJs. Andrew and Alex use exclusive strategies including their appropriate use of social media, live vocals and instrumentations to attract the attention of their fans.