Brad Reifler and the Empowerment of Non-Accredited Investors

Brad Reifler is a household name in the financial markets industry. He has accrued over three decades of experience offering advisory services in the forex and commodity markets since graduating from Bowdoin College.

Wikipedia shows that Brad majored in economics and political science at the undergraduate level. Fresh from college, he registered a trading company under his name through which he traded in derivatives. The experience he earned while starting up gave him valuable life lessons. Later on, he would sell the company for a considerable profit.

A lot can be said about Brad but what stands out is his love for innovation. Brad has never shied away from starting up the bottom, something Reuters has covered in Brad’s life.. After his first start up, he pioneered the establishment of Pali Capital. Pali Capital thrust Brad Reifler into the limelight of the global financial arena. Within a short period, he guided the business to incredible heights.

In the last decade, Brad realized the need to reinvent himself. He pioneered the Forefront Capital franchise where once again he has changed the game. His establishment consults with clients in strategic sectors around the world. Perhaps the trait that separates Forefront Capital from competitors is their focus on social empowerment of the middle class.

Brad Reifler identifies the vast space between the rich and the poor. Unfortunately, the financial markets sector concentrates on the self-sufficient echelons of society that accounts for the small percentage of the population. According to Mr. Reifler, the empowerment of the middle class could easily be achieved by promoting a saving and investment culture.

This new revelation convinced Brad to launch the Forefront Income Trust, a branch of Forefront Capital Management focusing on the middle-income households. The trust encourages the investment of small capital injections of around $2,500 by middle-income households. Each deposit goes to a pool of cash injected by other investors. The non-accredited investor here gains a lot by pooling resources. The risk of loss in high-capital ventures becomes a foregone conclusion. There’s also the added advantage of collaborating with other households and growing together.

Forefront Income Trust carries the concern for the middle-income population during its operations. They commit resources to inform and educate the public about investment opportunities and financial literacy. This strategy seeks to empower the masses and protect them from exploitation by unscrupulous investors like it happened before the global financial crisis a few years ago.

The Forefront Income Trust has gained high public interest with Brad Reifler asserting that the trust could play a fundamental role in bridging economic disparities. Forefront Income Trust becomes the first investment firm to focus on the larger middle-income population. The non-accredited investment portfolio has once again received a shot in the arm courtesy of Brad Reifler.