The Growth of Kabbalah

Rav Yehuda Ashlag established Kabbalah in 1922. Kabbalah mainly focuses on God’s concealed knowledge. The Kabbalah knowledge passed from generation to generation. The Kabbalah knowledge was initially trained to men over 40 years.

Kabbalah’s wisdom is based on the Zohar book authored by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai. Moat parts of the Zohar were written in Aramaic. It manifested God in 10 stages (sefirot). The system connected the Divinity and the physical nature. The Kabbalah popularized between Jewish Communities from 1500-1800. In 1990s Kabbalah was being studied in Jerusalem. Rav Ashlag became the first Kabbalah.

Ashlag derived Rav Isaac Luria’s teachings to spread Kabbalah. He published his work in a simpler way. Ashlag later died living leaving Rev Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein to take over his mission. Brandwein. He established a small yeshiva from where he taught the Kabbalah. Berg helped him in distributing the book in the US where he founded the National Institute for Kabbalah.

Brandwein awarded Berg the second Ordination, and in 1968 he named him Yashivat Kol Yehuda’s President. Karen was the first woman to study Kabbalah, taught by Rav Berg.The two married in 1971, and later they evolved the Kabbalah teachings to all not just men. By five books 1973, the dual had published five books of their version. They founded another Kabbalah center in Israel called Tel Aviv. Berg and Karen led the US campaign to share Kabbalah they published more other books and some in English and gained more Kabbalist master to help in spreading it.

The Kabbalah greatly spread with its grassroots in North America and evolved into a spiritual community within the Jewish traditions. By 1980 Kabbalah had gone international setting new learning centers in Canada, Toronto. In 2004, Karen became the director for Kabbalah International and published her books and in 2005 her book “God’s Wears Lipstick” was best-selling. Berg died in 2013 and today in 2016 Karen and her son are going are proceeding with the great work of making Kabbalah wisdom more accessible.

Finding a Link to the Creator With the Kabbalah Centre

In the modern world we can often feel as though we are moving further away from feeling fulfilled in a spiritual sense than we have at any time in human history. The Kabbalah Centre is attempting to allow as many of us as possible to find a link to what is known as “The Light” in the teachings of Kabbalah; “The Light” is the universal wisdom that lies at the center of the universe and guides every aspect of our lives as it acts as the root of each major religion followed in the world.


The Kabbalah Centre has created a set of teachings that are based on a translation of Kabbalah teachings known as Zohar, which bring together the many different aspects of theoretical Kabbalah that is the most commonly studied in history. In studying the teachings of The Kabbalah Centre each student begins to understand the fact that we are only given a limited view of the world around us by the five senses we use on a regular basis; The Kabbalah Centre hopes the teachings it provides will allow a student to become receptive to the wisdom of the universe that allows each person to see more of the 99 percent of life that is hidden from us.


Through its teachings The Kabbalah Centre looks to provide a guide to living in the modern world that allows us all to experience a sense of fulfillment and happiness not available without spiritual guidance. Kabbalah itself translates as “to receive”, and is seen as a good way of looking at the way the Kabbalah can help each person understand more about the correct way of living a successful life. To share and help others is a major part of the spiritual life encouraged by The Kabbalah Centre as these are two of the main ways a student can feel the benefit of drawing closer to the essence of the creator of the life we lead.

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