How George Soros Saved Ukraine By Avoiding the Mistakes of Putin’s Russia

Ukraine is looking to recover its economy after the recent crisis that left the country reeling with huge international debts. Combined with the extreme political and economic reforms that the contemporary Ukraine is looking to introduce, these initiatives have the potential to transform the country into a business friendly location for investment.

These reforms can also work for Russia, and as time goes by, the Russians will demand similar initiatives to transform their country. Because of the resultant problems of the euro, the EU leaders have eventually become masters crisis management. The contemporary Ukraine, in retrospect, is motivated by the revolution that helped the country to embark on a journey toward economic recovery in February 2014.

If Ukraine’s allies integrated the sanctions versus Russia with effective help for Ukraine, the propaganda will have little or no effect in the quest to obscure the clear fact that Russia’s woes, both political and economic are a result of the Putin’s administration. Obviously, Europe and the US can outbid Russia’s economy, meaning that bailing out a struggling nation will have a major impact on the entire EU region.

Surprising, even a budget of hundreds of billions is a meager fraction of the total expenditure of the EU members. But, Europe is barely growing economically and the member states are clamoring to decrease their support when it comes to footing the EU expenses. Many of those in Parliament and federal government are scores of volunteers and like-minded people who have chosen to give up lucrative jobs to serve their country. And, the reformers are also up in arms in protest to the policies and hostile tactics of Vladimir Putin, who wants to destabilize Ukraine since the governance of this administration has done more harm than good.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

The general public recognized straight away that things had actually altered for the better. Saakashvili was an innovative leader who initially stamped out corruption, however, he ultimately turned it into a state monopoly. George Soros recommends passing substantial legislation, replete with the desire to repay every dime to the International Monetary Fund as stipulated in the 2012 agreement.

Although Russia remains in a deepening financial crisis, Putin’s efforts did not bear fruit, meaning that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel had to intervene. But, to make sure Ukraine’s survival and encourage personal investment, Western powers have to make a political dedication to supply added sums, depending on the degree of the Russian attack and the success of Ukraine’s reforms.

According to George Soros, treating Ukraine like Russia is unfair. Russia was unable to repay the debt after the bailout by the EU. However, Ukraine is willing to honor the memorandum of understanding that was signed in 2012. Also, the EU knows that bailing Ukraine out is in its best interests since the economic crisis in Ukraine has resulted to the degradation of the Euro and the region at large.

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