Sawyer Howitt’s Recommendations to Improve the Retail Sector

     Sawyer Howitt is a Portland-based millennial entrepreneur and the pioneer of RFID technology. Sawyer Howitt states that the uses of RFID technology in retail venturing is the key towards boosting retail services and enhance inventory keeping skills. RFID makes retail tasks easier by incorporating tags, sales software, and barcode readers. Statistics show that sales software accounts for approximately 8% of apparel commercial activities in Europe and the United States. However, Sawyer Howitt provides various challenges that RFID developers come across in their introduction of this new technology. In Sawyer Howitt’s opinion, many retail owners prefer testing the new technology to utilizing it in their operations. Additionally, the apparel retail sector is characterized by a conservative behavior that contributes to the minimum utilization of RFID.

Other factors that contribute to the small percentage of RFID technology integration include expensive costs associated with the system installation. To solve this problem, producers of these systems have invented better technology that is cheaper to possess. With this incentive, more retail industries will adjust and incorporate RFID technology into their systems in the coming years. Also, customer demand will compel the retail owners to adopt the RFID technology. Sawyer Howitt postulates that the technology will meet client demand that is characterized by the zeal to always perform their shopping activities via the internet. With the use of this technology, sales and marketing in the United States and Europe will experience tremendous growth.

Sawyer Howitt is gifted with an outstanding ability to comprehend the financial and operational requirements of a business. He is an expert in the manipulation of complex spreadsheets and presentations as well as take notes during meetings. His expertise positioned him among the leaders of Meriwether Group. Sawyer serves as the company’s project manager. The organization has provided Sawyer with a platform to extensively learn and acquire the knowledge necessary for the augmentation of the business sector. Not only is Howitt interested in transforming commerce but also impacting his community. Sawyer has taken part in various philanthropic activities including advocating for the rights of women. Additionally, Sawyer leads an international ethnic group and plays the role of a mentor. Sawyer Howitt intends to further his studies at California University by the end of this year.

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Alexandre Gama Provides Effective Advertising Service

Alexandre Gama is well known in the advertising industry and is CEO of Neogama, a top rated ad agency in Brazil. As an experienced advertising professional, Alexandre Gama is highly knowledgeable about campaign development, strategies and media services.

Advertising is crucial for both new and established businesses, as it helps to convey important information to prospective customers. Advertising is an essential step in building strong relationship with customers and prospects. It raises awareness for various companies and products. Therefore, creating a powerful or effective advertising campaign is extremely important in reaching your objectives and goals.

There is still competition in today’s business environment, and effective advertising can help you reach your target audience and market your product. Your existing and potential customers want to find out what you’re offering and you can reach them by having a reliable advertising system in place. When it comes to having a way to advertise or promote your products or brand, it is imperative to contact an experienced advertising consultant.

Alexandre Gama creates effective advertising campaigns and marketing messages for businesses and organizations. Alexandre Gama has great expertise in creating and implementing systems and campaigns that increase awareness and generate sales and profits.

Many companies and entrepreneurs in Brazil rely on Alexandre Gama and his ad agency for top notch advertising solutions. These professionals have what it takes to present your business in a positive light and gain customer’s confidence. Alexandre Gama provides services that help in conveying a favorable image of his clients’ companies or products.

A look at Mexico’s top media companies and Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero’s Contribution to the Media Industry

    There has been a notable revolution in the Mexican media industry and now, unlike before, the media is bolder when it comes to expressing any various number of pressing topics, their political inferences aside. This revolution has encouraged a growing viewership and the industry can now boast of more than 4 million cable television subscribers and 1.5 million satellite television subscribers. This has been encouraged by the numerous radio and television stations as well as newspapers and magazines.

Several companies have been recognized as top media companies in Mexico, but the three most consistent ones are Grupo Televisa, S.A.B, MVS Communicaciones and Grupo Reforma. Grupo Televisa, which has been in business since the mid 50’s has been ranked top among the Spanish broadcasters, making profits of close to a billion US dollars each year. The company under the leadership of Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero, who is the Vice President of Finance and Administration director, the company has an estimated worth 5.3 billion dollars by 2012.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has been the Vice President and Administration director of Grupo Televisa S.A.B. since April 2014. He has also served in the ranks of Former Vice President of Financial Planning of Grupo Televisa, Former Director General and Former Director of Commerce Finance Mas SA de Cv, also the Former Vice President of the National Banking and Securities Commission.

Televisa is one of the media stations that have been on the rise to dominate the country’s television sector. Televisa is owned by Grupo Televisa and it is able to reach its clients through cable and direct-to-home satellite platforms. Salvi Rafael has been at the center of this growth and the overall change in the media environment in Mexico. After several years of heavy monitoring from the Mexican government, the company is gaining its independence through the adoption of new technologies and fighting for policy changes. Televisa has been on the forefront to embrace modern technology and has established a strong online presence setting it apart from other media companies.

The Global Civic Orginization Avaaz Has Strength In Numbers

Avaaz is a global civic organization with the goal of bettering the world through protest, signing petitions, funding different campaigns, that help people take action against corruption, poverty, human rights abuse, animal rights abuse, and climate change. It was founded and launched in 2007 and has been recognized as, “the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network” by the Guardian. Avaaz has no agenda, per se, but is instead directed by the opinions and conscious of its entire group of members. When an event or occurrence takes place in the world, the core group will send out an email to a random sample group of 10,000 of its members. That email contains a poll that asks its members if they want to take action against the event or occurrence. If a large number of the members vote yes then a campaign is put together and action begins to take place. If a large number of their members respond no, then no action will be taken.

The core team of Avaaz lives in 30 different countries all around the world and campaigns in 15 different languages. Its members come from all over the globe as well, and this allows them to take effective action from a spread out group of people that better represent worldwide interests. Since 2009, Avaaz has not accepted donations from corporations or foundations and doesn’t accept payments of over $5,000 from anyone. Instead, the group is funded by its own members who have been able to raise more than $20 million to-date.

The strength of Avaaz is in its numbers and also the fact that members can choose to take part or not take part in any action the group takes as a whole. This helps Avaaz to not fracture into smaller groups and ensures that it will stay together to continue taking action into the future.

Alexandre Gama And His Impact On The Communications Industry

     Born and raised in Brazil, Alexandre Gama was the first Brazilian to be in charge of a global network of agencies. He held the office as the Global Chief Officer. Mr. Gama founded Neogama, which is an advertising agency Brazil and acts as its CEO and CCO. The firm has registered success and even winning a Lion in the Cannes Festival within its first year of business. Also, it won another two Golden Lions in the category of Press and Film. As an entrepreneur, Alexandre Gama has ventured into many industries including communications and advertising and music. He launched a Brazilian project that involved musical instruments, a recording label and studio, YouTube channel, and a radio program.

There is no doubt that Gama is a very successful businessman with several awards to his title. Some of the awards include being elected as one of the ten most outstanding leaders in the communication industry. He also featured in the About Magazine as one of the top seven best professionals in publicity in Brazil. Due his relevance and impact to the advertising field, some professionals were pleased and voted him as a top three advert expert in Brazil.

Alexandre Gama has a degree in Advertising and Communications and has utilized his skills in developing the industry.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero, Top CEO in Mexico

     To write for the media is perhaps one of the most important pastimes that one could ever engage in — at least, in this lifetime. Writing offers a form of profound release not exactly found anywhere else, and thus, it is both an honor and a unique privilege to sit down and write about the importance of Mexico’s current media impacts — all from a writer’s perspective, and that’s the best part. Who knows about writing better than a professional writer, correct?

Writing about one’s country therapeutic — an understatement. Writing is, in fact, an unconsidered form of therapy in and of itself. The best part is this: It’s entirely free. How cool is that? No doctor or psychologist will ever charge you —so much as one cent— to sit down and write or type your news findings onto a fresh wad of paper all day long, and then to keep all your inner feelings, imaginations and ideas in a hidden journal.

Who knows writing, the media and the press better than Mexico’s own – Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero? He has studied print. He has studied publication.

He is a fact finder. He’s a proud Mexican citizen. If anyone can story tell through writing and news coverage, then it’s him.

He offers the following advice for aspiring news journalists:

Push yourself to write harder and better every time, only producing quality content that sticks. Those who endure for years are those who become tried, tested and true in the end. You have heard it said many times, and today it holds no less true: There is truly nothing easy in this life for those who wish to advance; it all takes effort and sweat.

Those who write know of both the profound joy and the deep influence that is involved: Writing is not for the faint of heart. It takes effort, courage, commitment, sacrifice and — most importantly —perseverance. Those who do persevere in every draft, re-write and final edit never get to the other side of glory: They never see the best final fruits of their finished work. More than anything, they never know what it was like to cross from amateur into professional; that alone is worth every effort in this lifetime.

Even In The Heart Of Napa Valley, Travelling Vineyard Got You Covered

     Napa Valley is famous for the wine it serves most of the people visiting this serene and ambient land. The region is acclaimed as a leader in grape farming, and the whole world knows this only too well. We all love a glass of wine to accompany any of our hearty meals. When visiting Napa, tourists and newcomers are encouraged to venture into the deepest and remotest places of the area.

While venturing into the heart of Napa Valley, your wine needs will be taken care of by Traveling Vineyard. Your visit to Napa Valley is never complete if you never get to savor the fine wines provided by Traveling Vineyard. It gets even more interesting when you can get the best wines and still make some money while you are at it. Traveling Vineyard provides wine enthusiasts with an opportunity to savor the best wines and making money at the same time. You just need to sign up; pay an initial membership amount and get a starter kit that will enable you to serve your friends with the finest wines as well as earning an income.

So how do you turn, the wine tasting experience into an income generating full-time job? It’s very simple; you only have to arrange wine tasting parties and invite all your friends. Once your friends taste, the vast range of different wines from Travelling Vineyard, like the wine enthusiasts they are, they will place new wine orders in your name. It’s easier for people to order what they have already sampled. As they keep purchasing more wine in your name, your income keeps growing.

One of the most interesting facts about Traveling Vineyard that resonates with most entrepreneurs is the fact that you have the freedom to set your work schedules and also mix pleasure with business. As a Wine Guide, you can plan for as many wine tasting parties as you deem fit at a time of your convenience.

To boost your knowledge in wine sampling, Travelling Vineyard also holds a yearly conference called the Harvest Conference in which Wine Guides are taken through short programs on the varieties of wine and how they can scale up their wine businesses.

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Changing a Community

Keith Mann has done a great job helping others throughout his life. Despite owning a variety of companies, he still finds the time to invest in the lives of others. There are a lot of people who look up to the passion that he has for education. Many schools in America today do not have the proper staff or funding to serve students. As a result, many students do not get the education they need. Education is the best way to change a local community for years to come. Keith Mann knows that improving access to education is one of the best ways to make a positive impact on the world.


Keith Mann


When he first started out in business, Keith Mann did not have a lot of experience or capital. Although some of his companies failed, he always learned from the experience and used it to help him in the future. There are a lot of people who would have quit after the first failure. However, he knew that he had an opportunity to make a huge impact on the world. He is now one of the most successful business owners in the state of New York. In addition, he has the additional capital needed to invest in the local community.


Future Plans


In the coming years, Keith Mann is going to continue to invest in the local community. He wants to help more people than ever before with their access to education. Millions of children live in areas that do not have adequate education facilities. Over the years, Keith Mann has positively impacted many communities with his work and donations.